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    Tasikmalaya Residents Feel the Positive Impact of the Cinta Suitcase Program


    TASIKMALAYA CITY - Deputy Chairman I of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team Lina Marlina Ruzhan said, the Sekoper Cinta program (School for Achieving Women and Dreaming) which was launched in October 2018 had produced results.

    "Thank God, the mothers have successfully applied what we teach in the Sekoper Cinta program at their respective homes," Lina said in the Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) of the Cinta Suitcase Program in the Karikil Village Hall, Tasikmalaya City, Thursday (9/5) / 19).

    Lina hopes that the participants of the Sekoper Cinta program, especially in Munjul Tasikmalaya village, pass on the knowledge they have gained, so that women's empowerment can be evenly distributed.

    "Well, mothers do not be complacent if they are successful. Must invite other people around the mother to learn too. Teach them, spread again what you have learned," he said.

    Meanwhile, a community member in Munjul village named Muni said, his family's condition improved after joining the Sekoper Cinta program. In the program, he received cooking and creative training in the field of catering. At this time, he began to build a business in the culinary sector to help the family economy.

    Besides Muni, Nani also said, the Sekoper Cinta program was able to improve his family's condition. He himself was taught the procedure for using the yard to be used as a living pharmacy.

    "During this program, I was taught how to use the yard to be productive. I also like learning and reading, so women will be stronger and more dignified," Nani said.

    Even so with Enok who felt the impact of the Sekoper Cinta program. According to him, the program is able to make communication in the family better. Before joining Cinta Suitcase, he said, there was often conflict within the family because communication was hampered.

    "Now I can change my husband's behavior. My family is more intimate and happy. My husband is also at home," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Monitoring and Evaluation Team of the Cinta Inge Wahyuni ??Sekoper Program reported that there were 100 Sekoper Cinta students from Munjul Village who had been training for three months. In addition to learning soft skills and character development, the participants were also given special expertise material, such as catering, dressmaking and bridal makeup as provisions for entrepreneurship.

    Inge said, of all participants who had completed the program, at least 60 percent were expected to become entrepreneurs.

    In addition, Inge also said, there were approximately 2,700 participants of the Cinta Suitcase program from all over West Java who had completed the training series, and would graduate in October 2019 in the city of Bandung.

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