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    Research Team of the Ministry of Home Affairs Research and Development Agency Evaluation of the Presidential and Regional Election in West Java


    BANDUNG CITY-Plh. Regional Secretary of West Java Province Daud Achmad received a Research Expert Team from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) of the Republic of Indonesia at the Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Wednesday (4/9/19).

    During the meeting, the Research Expert Team interviewed Daud regarding the description of the evaluation of the holding of the Presidential Election (Pilpres) and the Legislative Election (Pileg) in 2019 in West Java, specifically the City of Bandung.

    "They (the research team) will collect data which will then become an evaluation material and will be reported to the Minister of the Interior," Daud said.

    "This team, I asked earlier, was in fact spread throughout Indonesia. In West Java (the director) who led was Prof. Djohermansyah Djohan, former Director General of Regional Autonomy, then there were Prof. Siti Zuhro and Prof. Kristiadi," he added.

    Daud said that the implementation of the 2019 Presidential Election and Pileg in West Java took place in a safe and controlled condition. In fact, the participation rate of the Presidential Election reached 75 percent and the Pileg reached 80 percent.

    That is, continued Daud, people throughout West Java were enthusiastic to give their vote choices in a democratic election.

    "In addition, the highest regions for (presidential) presidential and legislative elections were in Cimahi City, reaching 87 percent participation rate. Then the lowest for the presidential election was in Indramayu Regency, by 71 percent. Meanwhile, the lowest Pileg participation in Karawang Regency," Daud said .

    The city of Bandung itself will be a sample of research locations by the expert team. Even so, it did not rule out the existence of examples from other districts / cities in West Java.
    "I hope from the results of the evaluation, then from the data objectively collected by this team, it can provide a suggestion for the next presidential and presidential elections," said Daud.

    "Are the results of the evaluation (effective and efficient) to be put together like yesterday? Or for example being separated between the election of the presidential election, the regional head and the legislative election," Daud concluded.

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