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    West Java Governor: The National Police play an important role in maintaining conducive democracy


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said conduciveness and security were one of the requirements for the realization of Indonesia Gold 2045. Emil, greeting Ridwan Kamil, left these conditions, especially during the transfer of leadership, to the Indonesian National Police (Polri).

    According to Emil, there are at least three conditions that must be fulfilled to make Indonesia the fifth largest country in the world by 2045, namely a competitive young generation, economic growth above 5 percent, and conducive democracy.

    "To welcome this Golden Indonesia, democracy must be peaceful and conducive. Well, I leave this third requirement to the Polri fathers who are here," Emil said when giving a public lecture in the Lemplat Lemdiklat Polytechnic, at the Lepol Lemlatlat Polri Lembang, Bandung Regency West, Wednesday (4/9/19).

    "The first and second conditions let us, the government, make it happen. For the third condition, let us work together together," he added.

    Based on the results of the Charles Aid Foundation survey, Indonesia is the most generous country in the world. The survey involved 144 countries. The survey results, said Emil, showed that the Indonesian people, especially West Java, were very cooperative in maintaining conducivity.

    "Indonesia is a world champion in terms of social values ??and human values. Fathers will lead people who are basically already good," he said.

    As a form of appreciation as well as an invitation to work together with the National Police, Emil made a poem.

    "Going on a boat trip
    Ride home Merci
    Facing the digital age
    The National Police must be rich in innovation "

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