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    Villages Become One of the Priority Scale of Development in West Java


    KUNINGAN REGENCY- Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, the Provincial Government of West Java (West Java) focused on development programs in rural areas.

    Because the village became one of the priorities in development in West Java. "The village is the spearhead in development," Uu said while attending the 2019 Maju Village Award in Cibuntu Tourism Village, Kuningan Regency, Wednesday (4/9/19).

    "Therefore, we continue to trigger the village because the village is currently the center of the development program. For us, the village is a priority scale in development in West Java," he added.

    To encourage development in the village, continued Uu, West Java Provincial Government also rolled out various programs, including the One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) program, Digital Village, to the Movement to Build a Village (Village Gate).

    Regarding OPOP, the West Java Provincial Government has provided capital assistance to training 1,074 pesantren who passed the Phase I audition. For Digital Villages, the West Java Provincial Government has encouraged the use of application-based digital technology for village businesses.

    While through the Village Gate program, West Java Provincial Government continues to encourage irrigation development and other village infrastructure needs.

    Uu also advised the village heads to pay attention to community moral and moral development programs.

    "Besides struggling for the construction of facilities and infrastructure, please help about the faith and devotion of the community that the father (head of the village) leads is maintained," said Uu.

    Present in Kab. Kuningan, Uu gave his appreciation for the holding of the 2019 Maju Village Award, which was initiated by the General Daily (HU) Cirebon. According to Uu, this was part of the Pentahelix element of cooperation between the government and the media.

    "This (Anugerah Desa Maju) is very good for village assessment. With this assessment there is enthusiasm, passion, to advance the village. So, I say thank you," said Uu.

    "Moreover, the name of the media is very important in the development process. If there is no media, the government's programs will not reach the community. But with the presence of the media, the community's wishes are conveyed to us," he said.

    Anugerah Desa Maju is part of the 521th anniversary of Kuningan District. This event was carried out to arouse the spirit of the elements of government in Kuningan in realizing the vision and mission, namely Mandiri Agamis and Village-Based Pinunjul (Advanced) in 2023.

    In addition, the appreciation was also carried out to measure the extent of development in almost one year since December 2018.

    The awarding was also carried out in the framework of mapping village potentials in Kab. Brass. The hope is that the mapping can be a guide for village development in accordance with its potential.

    The Managing Director of HU Fajar Cirebon Dea Angkasa Putri said, the implementation of the 2019 Maju Village Award was the inaugural edition. This event is the result of collaboration between HU Fajar Cirebon with the Regional Government and vertical agencies in the Regency. Brass.

    According to Dea, the village is the spearhead of the development of a country. While the media play a role not only as social control or criticism of the government, but also needs to give an appreciation of the performance that has been done by the government.

    "We think that the role of print media is not only social control, or not just criticism. But we must also appreciate the performance of village governments in Indonesia, especially in Kuningan," concluded Dea.

    The following 14 nominations in the 2019 Maju Desa Award:
    (1) Advanced Village in the Field of Drug Abuse Prevention
    (2) Advanced Villages in Education and Culture
    (3) Advanced Village in the Field of Family Planning
    (4) Advanced Village in the Field of Health
    (5) Advanced Village in the field of Creative Economy
    (6) Advanced Village in the Field of Tourism
    (7) Advanced Village in the Field of Environment
    (8) Advanced Villages in Animal Husbandry
    (9) Advanced Villages in Agriculture
    (10) Advanced Village, Mother and Child Friendly
    (11) Advanced Villages in the Field of Investment
    (12) Advanced Villages in Legal Awareness
    (13) Desa Maju Taat tax, and
    (14) Advanced Village in the Field of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes).

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