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    Smiles of PLN Customers, Enliven National Customer Day


    BANDUNG-National Customer Day (HPN) falls on September 4. PLN again greets customers and stakeholders who are spread throughout Indonesia to maintain good relations while at the same time appreciate customers and hear the voices and aspirations of customers to improve PLN's service better.

    With the theme 'Smiling Indonesian Customers', the Greetings of PLN Customers were carried out simultaneously in 12 (twelve) locations by the PLN board of directors.

    On this occasion, Plt. PLN's Managing Director (Director) Sripeni Inten Cahyani greets customers at Tresna Budi and SMAN Orphanages. 29. The program greeted customers warmly, besides listening to the voices and desires of the customers, the Acting Director of PLN also gave tips on the safe use of electricity.

    As a form of appreciation, PLN also distributed flowers to the elderly at the Werda Tresna Budi orphanage, as a sign of love and appreciation for customers, Sripeni Inten Cahyani said that PLN greatly appreciated its customers and would continue to try to provide the best service.

    "We appreciate and try to listen directly to the voices of our customers, in accordance with the theme of our HPN celebrations, namely the Bright Indonesian Customer Smile, we will also continue to strive to provide the best, and we are here today so that the smiles of PLN customers are brighter," said Sripeni in press release, Wednesday (4/9).

    Sripeni Inten added that this excellent moment was an opportunity for PLN to continue to increase engagement with customers. By listening to the voice of customers, it is hoped that PLN can better understand customer needs and continue to improve services.

    In the context of the 2019 HPN, PLN also provides assistance to inspect electrical installations in several customer buildings. This is done because it often becomes a problem that is felt by the customer. Besides that PLN through PLN Care also provides free grounding installation services for 1774 non-commercial educational institutions.

    "With more than 70 million customers, the problem often encountered is related to electrical installations in customer buildings, here we are trying to provide installation inspection assistance for several customers, providing solutions for customer satisfaction," said Sripeni.

    For the West Java region itself, several customers visited by PLN such as Sumarecon Mall Bekasi and PT Surya Raya Ruberindo. Central Java Regional Business Director, Amir Rosidin when greeting customers at PT Suryaraya Ruberindo Industri Gunung Putri, said that PLN is committed to providing better services going forward, especially in terms of reliability and service products.

    On the customer's side, this direct customer greeting activity is highly appreciated. The director of PT Surya Raya Ruberindo, Anang Nilanto, welcomed the arrival of Dir RJBT PLN. With this activity, Sam can convey their various inputs and problems and obtain responses and solutions directly so that communication is expected to be more harmonious going forward.

    This visit to customers is carried out by PLN to hear customers' voices for PLN services in the past year, so that there is a harmonious relationship because the input from customers to PLN will be a work program for improvement while appreciating customers who have been using PLN services, it is hoped that the relationship between the company and its customers can be maintained properly. Jo

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