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    Pertamina Teams Up with Bandung Work Training Agency to Increase Entrepreneurship


    BANDUNG - Director General of Training and Productivity Development (Binalattas) Ministry of Manpower Bambang Satrio Lelono said the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia must continue to be added to achieve ideal conditions.

    According to him, the number of entrepreneurs is now above 2 percent, which is a minimum requirement, but of course it is still far compared to Malaysia or Singapore. For this reason, efforts to increase the number of entrepreneurs will continue to be carried out by cooperating with the private sector, BUMN and the Vocational Training Center.

    "We are committed to creating entrepreneurs to reduce unemployment. There is a good development where the number of unemployment has now fallen to only 5.71% of the existing workforce, last year reaching 6.18%. Job openings continue to be carried out including encouraging entrepreneurs, "he explained in the office of the Balai Pelambat Job Training (BBPLK) Bandung, Wednesday (4/9).

    One of them is cooperating with PT Pertamina Lubricant to help finance entrepreneurship training and management.

    Finance Director of PT Pertamina Lubricant Andre Herlambang said, so far BBPLK provided training for one month, and then handed the trainees back to the community to find work or entrepreneurship.

    "We added their expertise by providing training for six months, practicing in official workshops. After that they will be given equipment to open their own workshops, to become workshop entrepreneurs, "he stressed.

    According to him, it has reached the fourth year, where this year as many as 45 people will be participants. To implement this program Pertamina also signed a partnership with BBPLK Bandung and Bekasi. Jo

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