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    Multiparty Synergy, Key to Successful Application of PHBS


    BANDUNG-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province Netty Heryawan confirmed the Behaviour Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) is not merely affairs of the Health Department and the PKK but requires a multi-stakeholder synergy.

    "Talking about PHBS, it requiring long carriages and cooperation with other sectors that make socialisation as a form of intervention awareness," said Netty at the Meeting of PHBS Committee in Grand Tjokro Hotel, Bandung on Monday (11/04/16) ,

    Netty said PHBS RT rates of 53.6% in West Java, although still not meet the national target of 70%.

    Solutions that can be done is by disseminating information are varied and creative, optimising the function of the centre of community activity through Posyandu, PKK cadres and PKP. "The application of new cultures such as Love Culture of the Environment (BCL) and the Movement of Picking up the Waste (GPS), and subsequent repair of infrastructure/physical facilities and training relating to health behaviour," she explained.

    "Therefore, I appeal to the entire county and city governments and communities to implement PHBS in order to have the quality of healthcare that will be superior human resources, quality, healthy, intelligent and well-educated are ready to competitiveness," she concluded.

    Head of West Java Provincial Health Department, Alma Lucyati said that of the total number of households in West Java 12,743,342, the 63.1% of them are reported. "From there, only 53.6% of its has implemented PHBS," she said.

    "It is expected that this meeting will build healthy families in each village, district and village to implement PHBS," please Alma Lucyati.

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