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    West Java Governor Signs Three Groundbreaking Fly Over Inscriptions


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, accompanied by Bandung Mayor Oded M Danial, conducted a grounbreaking of the construction of two flyovers in Bandung on Tuesday (3/9/19). The two flyovers are for the Jl. Jakarta-Jln. Supratman and Jln. Laswi-Jln. Student Warrior 45 in construction stage I.

    On the same occasion, Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - signed a groundbreaking or the laying of the first stone marking the start of the construction of a fly over on one of the roads in Sukabumi City.

    After the event, Emil said that the fly over builder was one of the ways the Provincial Government of West Java (West Java) facilitated transportation infrastructure needs in urban areas.

    "The Regional Government of West Java Province is fair to all cities and regencies, the nature of which tends to be the need for traffic infrastructure. If the regency needs infrastructure on average agriculture, fisheries, regional tourism structuring," Emil said.

    "This is an example of the city of Bandung, I signed three, two flyovers in Bandung and one in Sukabumi," he added.

    Facilitation of infrastructure development in regencies / cities will be adjusted to the needs of each region. "We will adjust to the needs of the region, the city of Bandung needs what we are adjusting," said Emil.

    Meanwhile, Bandung Mayor Oded M Danial, in his remarks, expressed his happiness over the construction of two flyovers in the city of Bandung. He also thanked the West Java Provincial Government for the assistance in the construction of the two flyovers.

    "Because the Bandung city budget will not be able to build large infrastructures," Oded said.

    "Therefore, Mang Oded today thanked the Governor for helping with great infrastructure in the city of Bandung. Hopefully today's groundbreaking can help unravel the congestion in the city of Bandung," he hoped.

    The construction of a fly over or crossing is not a piece of this part of the development of connectivity which is part of the standardization of construction and is one of the solutions in dealing with congestion in urban areas. Development of fly over Jln. Jakarta and Jln. Laswi is divided into two stages. Phase I was built this year, while Phase II will be built in 2020.

    Development Phase I fly over Jln. Laswi-Jln. Warrior 45 students swallowed a budget of Rp 35.9 billion, while for fly over Jln. Jakarta-Jln. Supratman has a budget of Rp 42 billion. The construction process is expected to be completed in December 2019. The budget comes from the West Java Regional Government Budget.

    Fly over Jln. Laswi has a length of 520 meters with a bridge length of 36 meters and a width of 9 meters with one stretch. While the fly over Jln. Jakarta has a length of 500 meters with a bridge length of 40.9 meters and width of 9 meters with one stretch.

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