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    30 Strategic Projects Encouraged Infrastructure Development and Revitalization of Tourism Areas


    BANDUNG CITY - Secretary of the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) of West Java Province (West Java) Eko Priastono said, West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) focused on working on 30 West Java Strategic Projects in 2019.

    According to Eko, 30 strategic projects currently underway include infrastructure development and revitalization of tourist areas in West Java. The details of the progress of the 30 projects are 16 projects in the process of procurement of goods and services, five projects entering the contract phase, two projects will be carried out groundbreaking, and seven projects under construction.

    "The budget (in 2019) is around Rp500 billion for 30 of these projects," Eko said in the West Java Punya Bisnis (Japri) 40th agenda in Gedung Sate Backyard, Bandung, Tuesday (3/9/19).

    Some of the projects being accelerated include the revitalization of Kalimalang, Darma Reservoir, Pangandaran Beach, Situ Bagendit, Situ Ciburuy, Gunung Padang, amphitheater in the Ciletuh area, and the construction of squares and Creative Center Buildings in a number of cities / districts in West Java.

    In addition, the West Java Provincial Government also intensively encourages the revitalization of traditional markets, the construction of a command center, housing programs (rutilahu), and the construction of a number of flyovers.

    Eko stated, the development of West Java under the leadership of Governor Ridwan Kamil and Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum would touch all dimensions to advance West Java in line with the vision of 'West Java Champion Born Inner with Innovation and Collaboration'.

    "This vision is also translated into five development missions," said Eko.

    The first mission is to form a pious Pancasila man. The embodiment of this mission is pursued through increasing the role of mosques and places of worship as centers of civilization, with the mission objectives being pesantren champions, champion mosques, and champion scholars.

    The second mission is to give birth to people who are cultured, quality, happy and productive through improving innovative public services, with the mission objectives being health champions, women champions, sports champions, championship schools, champion schools, champion teachers, champion mothers, championship millennials, universities champion, and champion SMK.

    While the third mission, which is to accelerate the growth and equitable development of environmentally based and sustainable spatial planning through increased regional connectivity and regional arrangement. This is done with the mission objectives of transportation champions, champions logistics, champions village gates, champions cities, champions pantura, champions committee, and energy champions.

    "The fourth mission is to increase the productivity and economic competitiveness of a prosperous and just society through the use of digital technology and collaboration with innovation centers and development practitioners," Eko said.

    This fourth mission is realized with champion fisherman program, champion tourism, champion environment, champion waste management, champion disaster response, champion creative economy, champion labor, champion industry, champion market, champion farmers, champion champion, UMKM champion, and champion entrepreneur .

    While the fifth mission is to create innovative governance and collaborative leadership between the central, provincial, and district / city governments, with the mission objectives being the bureaucratic champion, the APBD champion, the ASN champion, and the BUMD champion.

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