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    Collaboration between the Government and the West Java Building Board


    BANDUNG-The West Java Provincial Government congratulates the Members of the West Java Province Regional Representative Council (DPRD) who have just been sworn in at the Plenary Plenary Meeting / Promises of West Java Provincial DPRD Members in Merdeka Building, Jalan Asia Afrika No. 56, Bandung City, on Monday (02/09).

    The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil hopes that the West Java Provincial Government can be compact and collaborate with new DPRD Members, in carrying out development in West Java.

    "Yes, everything was beautiful in its time, right now is the inauguration of the 2019-2024 period DPRD, we will be champions if collaboration and innovation are the only two keys," said the Governor, at Gedung Merdeka, Monday (02/09).

    Because that way, according to the Governor, if all elements of society, especially the Government with the Council are compact and eager to build West Java and prioritize the interests of the people, then the West Java Champion Born Inner can be achieved well.

    "If we are compact with the new council, we are eager to build West Java to prioritize the interests of the people, exceeding the interests of the groups. InshaAllah, West Java, the Champion of the Born will be present," he said.

    The Governor added, part of the effort to convey the results of development that had been carried out by the government, he always posted the results of development through Social Media.

    "Every day I post progresses, indicating that slowly it has begun to feel changes that will be felt by the community, not yet perfect but in process," he said. (Parno)

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