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    Aher Proposes Bandung Raya LRT Funded by APBN


    BANDUNG-Development plan of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) in the city of Bandung has now entered a new phase. West Java Provincial Government will propose financing to build mass transportation is derived from the state budget (APBN).

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that with the development costs from the state budget, the ticket rates that will be applied to be affordable by the whole society.

    "We will propose to the Central Government and hopefully it will pour in Raperpres about Bandung Raya LRT. We proposed the LRT financing to be financing by the state budget. The regional budget will also participate in it,” said Aher told the media when met at Gedung Sate Bandung on Monday afternoon (11/04/16).

    "Why do we want the LRT funding by the state budget, is because the tickets would become so affordable. LRT in Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Depok (Jabodebek) was also use of APBN and APBD of DKI Jakarta,” said Aher.

    Aher was hoped that Bandung Raya LRT could connect to all areas of the city of Bandung and its surroundings.

    "When it is used as LRT of Bandung Raya then talks on the province. Then the concept of the city integrated with the concept of Bandung Raya. Certainly in the future we want with the central government to build the LRT of Bandung Raya which not only connects the areas in Bandung but also outside of Bandung, such as from Tegalluar to Soreang, to Tanjungsari, to Dago or Tegalluar to Cimahi, to Padalarang and to other places. Then it’s so comprehensive,” please Aher.

    LRT is one of the passenger railway system operating in urban areas. LRT construction is lightweight and can operate or run alongside other traffic or in a special track, also called tram.

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