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    August, West Java Suffers from High Inflation


    BANDUNG - West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said that inflation in August reached 0.39 percent. The inflation rate is the highest this year.

    "The inflation is higher on the last religious holiday or Eid, this must be vigilant," said Head of Statistics West Java BPS Distribution Dudung Supriyadi in his office, Monday (2/9).

    Annually or inflation from January to August, recorded inflation has reached 2.95 percent. The figure, according to Dudung, became a warning for all parties so that in the following month inflation could be reduced lower.

    From BPS data, annual inflation, from January to August 2019, is the highest among previous years. For example in 2018, January to August inflation reached 2.58 percent.

    High inflation was driven by inflation in the education cost group which reached 0.07 percent, mainly in the cost of primary school education.

    "The highest inflation in Bandung reached 0.61 percent, while one city experienced deflation of minus 0.04 percent, namely Sukabumi City," he said. Jo

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