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    Bio Farma Lifescience Products Launched Soon


    JAKARTA-Bio Farma, which has now transformed into a lifescience company, will soon launch a lifescience product, in the form of plasma products in the future. Plasma products are derived from blood plasma such as albumin products, immunoglobulins, and factor VIII, which can be used for the treatment of several diseases. At present the plasma products circulating in Indonesia are still 100% imported from abroad.

    From the release of Bio Farma, plasma products which will be marketed in 2020 will begin with the signing of a three-party Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Bio Farma Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), and a South Korean plasma product company, SK Plasma. The signing of this MoU is part of a cooperation agreement between the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health and the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare in implementing the Joint Working Group (JWG) on Health between Indonesia and South Korea.

    The signing was carried out on August 30, 2019 by the Director of Bio Farma, M. Rahman Roestan, Daily Managing Chairperson of PMI, Ginandjar Kartasasmita, and CEO of Plasma SK Yun-ho Kim, and witnessed by the Director General of Pharmacy and Medical Devices of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health, Engko Sosialine Magdalena, and South Korea's Directorate General for Global Health Care Ministry of Health and Welfare, Kim Hye Seon.

    In cooperation with Bio Farma, PMI and SK Plasma are expected to support the government in the supply of products where the current needs of Indonesia with a population of 270 million are very high compared to the availability of products obtained from imports. to maintain product quality, this cooperation will certainly involve drug regulatory agencies from each country.

    According to Rahman Roestan, the collaboration with SK Plasma will share his knowledge and experience in producing plasma products to Bio Farma through technology transfer which is divided into three stages.

    The first phase Bio Farma will collaborate on a product partnership with SK Plasma, to market its products in Indonesia, and in parallel the second phase will be carried out through the fastest toll-manufacturing cooperation scheme in 2020, the next stage, Bio Farma is expected to be able to independently to fractionate plasma products by producing products independently in Indonesia.

    "We are targeting the fastest by 2025, Indonesia will independently be able to make its own products through Bio Farma, this independence will be realized through collaboration with one of the companies in South Korea, namely SK Plasma, through the toll-manufacturing mechanism the fastest year 2020, while waiting for the production facility to be completed, and in the same year, we plan to market plasma products from SK Plasma, to start filling the domestic product needs, "Rahman said.

    Rahman added that Bio Farma as a BUMN will be present for the country in providing plasma products at affordable prices and still paying attention to aspects of quality, safety and efficacy. (Even)

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