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    First Aid for Health Emergency, KREKI Launches KREKI-119 Application


    BANDUNG-Indonesia Healthcare Forum (IndoHCF), which is a CSR program of PT IDS Medical Systems Indonesia, initiated the formation of the Indonesian Health Emergency Volunteer Community (KREKI). This community is based on information and communication technology that enables a person to give and get emergency help and treatment quickly and accurately.

    IndoHCF Chairperson, Dr. dr. Supriyantoro, Sp.P, MARS said, KREKI was built to support the Integrated Emergency Response System (SPGDT) program in order to improve the quality and speed of first aid for emergency treatment.

    "KREKI is an acronym of the spirit that underlies the establishment of the community namely Competent, Responsive, Empathic, Communicative, and Innovative," he said, Saturday (31/08).

    According to Supriyantoro, emergency events such as accidents, illnesses due to unhealthy lifestyles, or natural disasters can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. According to him, these conditions require appropriate and accurate handling so as not to result in permanent disability or death.

    "Time is the most important element in emergency conditions. Imagine if in that condition the person was not treated quickly and appropriately, who should have survived, instead worsened the condition of the victim or even died. This is the background for the formation of this community," he explained.

    The community which was established on 5 December 2018 consists of various elements in society both individuals and communities. To become a volunteer, the person has at least received basic basic life support (BHD) training on how to help people in emergency conditions such as cardiac arrest, choking on foreign objects, being struck by lightning and electricity, drowning, how to transport victims, stewing, etc. so. The training can be organized by KREKI itself or competent organizations or institutions.

    To further expand the reach of KREKI services, IndoHCF built the "KREKI-119" application which can be downloaded through Google Playstore. With this application it is possible for the victim or the closest person to get first aid from a volunteer who will then coordinate with PSC-119 or with the nearest health facility to evacuate and treat the victim.

    Supriyantoro added, to date KREKI has provided BHD training to 1,452 people from various communities in Jakarta. Not only that, KREKI is also actively establishing cooperation and partnerships with various foundations, communities and local governments.

    "We hope that KREKI can bring many benefits, contribute constructively to the homeland and the nation, especially in terms of handling emergency cases in the community that can improve the quality of human life and encourage constructive efforts in terms of improving safety and security in the health sphere," he concluded. (Parno)

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