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    West Java Deputy Governor Call Islamic Boarding School as Aqeedah Pillar and Nation Moral Fortress


    CIREBON REGENCY-Through Musabaqah Qira'atil Pole (MQK), Deputy Governor (Vice Governor) of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, each santri will demonstrate the ability to read the yellow text as a classic and Muslim reference.

    The yellow book itself, according to Uu, is an intellectual product of the ulama which generally contains invitations to practice Islam in the frame of the nation and state.

    "Islam must be carried out culturally, structurally, and we continue the struggle of the kiai in the past," Uu said while attending MQK activities at Assalafie Islamic Boarding School in Babakan Ciwaringin, Cirebon Regency, Sunday (1/9/19).

    In addition, Uu also mentioned that a number of community development programs are being pursued by the Provincial Government of West Java (West Java), including One Hafidz Village, English for Ulama, One Pesantren One Product (OPOP), and Mesra Credit.

    "English for Ulama so that our religious experts can communicate Wasathiah Islam to the world," Uu said.

    Uu also appreciated the pesantren educational institutions which had been established in Indonesia for a long time. Pesantren, added Uu, became a pillar of the nation's creed and moral bastion.

    According to Uu, pesantren also have and continue to assist the government in the development of the quality of Human Resources (HR).

    "Build your body, wake up your soul, faith, strong and unshakable in all conditions. Pesantren has a great history," said Uu ended.

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