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    Kulo Nuwun Yogyakarta, Imunicare is Ready to Serve the Gudeg City Community


    YOGYAKARTA - Bio Farma vaccination service, Imunicare, re-opened its service in Yogyakarta Yogyakarta on August 29, 2019, located on Jl. Timoho 86. Imunicare is a very complete vaccination service outlet conducted by doctors, clinics or hospitals using vaccines that are guaranteed of quality and authenticity, comfortable places, skilled medical personnel, and more affordable prices.

    From the release of Bio Farma, the inauguration of Imunicare in this warm city is the result of collaboration with Telkomedika after on August 22, the Immunicare vaccination service was opened in Madiun City, East Java.

    In the inauguration in the 5th city of the 25 cities plan, attended by Head of Yogyakarta City Fita Yulia Kisworini, Bio Farma Marketing Director Sri Harsi Teteki, Head of Yogyakarta Port Health Office (KKP), Agus Syah Fiqhi Haerullah, and Director of Operations & Marketing Telkomedika, Monica Morattha Sihombing.

    In his remarks the Head of the Yogyakarta City Service Fita Yulia Kisworini said some countries had required certain vaccinations for migrants, who were going to their countries such as Saudi Arabia which required a meningitis vaccine before going on the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage. "With the presence of immunicare services, it will be easier for the people of Yogyakarta to get vaccines, such as before leaving for pilgrimage, Imunicare who is in the Telkomedika clinic is in accordance with Permenkes No. 23 of 2015 to facilitate providing protection to the community in receiving protection," said Fitri.

    Meanwhile, Agus Syah Fiqhi, his party is grateful that there are other alternatives for the community to get vaccination services especially for the needs of Hajj and Umrah, so they are not concentrated only in the KKP, and provide convenience and comfort for the community. "Imunicare will provide alternative choices for the community, especially those "Umrah and Hajj will depart, so that later it will provide convenience for the community," Agus said.

    While Sri Harsi said in his remarks, one of the efforts to improve the degree of public health was through preventive or preventive efforts through immunization. Bio Farma as a State-Owned Enterprise, as well as one of the producers of the 30 vaccine producers in the world who have obtained WHO PQ, will be present for the country, to provide disease transmission prevention services.

    "As a form of SOE's efforts to present to the country early in 2019, Bio Farma introduces Imunicare services so that people can more easily obtain immunization services other than puskesmas and other health facilities that already exist today, with guaranteed quality, complete products including vaccines for umrah needs like menigitis and flu, and of course at an affordable price, "said Sri Harsi.

    Sri Harsi added that in an effort to develop this immunicare concept, in addition to developing its own outlets, it also cooperates with partners of Doctors, Clinics or Hospitals. And now Imunicare has been present in several cities, namely: Bandung, Makassar, Medan, Jakarta, Madiun. In the near future Imunicare will also be present at: Bandar Lampung, Depok, Sukabumi, Denpasar and Semarang. (Even)

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