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    17 Thousand Debtors in West Java Free from Loan


    BEKASI REGENCY- The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java (West Java) encourages the people's economy to continue to move in all lines of life, including the mosque or other houses of worship.

    Even so, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that currently there are still many West Java people who are ensnared by loan sharks.

    Emil - as Ridwan Kamil is called - also hopes that mosques or other places of worship will be the economic drivers of the people so that people avoid the wrongdoing financial system.

    "I entrust this mosque so that it can be the economic activator of the people. So we have the Mesra Credit Program (Prosperous Mosque / Prosperous Economic Community)," Emil said while attending the Subling Prayers at the Nurul Islam Islamic Center Mosque, Bekasi City, Sunday (1/9/19).

    According to Emil, people who are caught in moneylenders are caused by a mindset that considers easy access to capital or finance provided.

    Therefore, the West Java Provincial Government in collaboration with the Bank bjb rolling Mesra Credit to bring financial access to the public through places of worship.

    "There should be no more West Java residents who are victims of the financial system (moneylenders) that are extraordinarily unjust," Emil added.

    From serving as mayor of Bandung until now leading West Java, the Mesra Credit program called Emil has absorbed 17 thousand borrowers.

    To continue to encourage the benefit of the program, approximately Rp120 billion in the Love People Credit program budget will also be diverted to support the Intimate Credit.

    "So, the Intimate Credit from since I became Mayor of Bandung until now I am the Governor of approximately 17 thousand (debtors). They (debtors) have been freed, have become independent from loan sharks," Emil said.

    "And there is a conventional People's Love Credit, which we previously decided (the budget) was shifted to enter the Intimate Credit program," he concluded.

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