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    West Java Governor Inaugurates Leuwisapi Irrigation Area


    SUKABUMI REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil inaugurated the Leuwisapi Irrigation Area in Situ Tarisi area, Wangungkiara Village, Sukabumi Regency, Saturday (31/8/19). Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - hopes that with the existence of Leuwisapi the condition of agriculture in Sukabumi Regency will improve, given that irrigation can irrigate approximately 250 hectares of rice fields.

    That way, Emil said, farm production in Warungkiara Village could increase sharply. From 675 tons per year, it is now estimated to reach 3,750 tons per year. "This is what is meant, innovation and collaboration bring change and progress," Emil said.

    According to Emil, Leuwisapi's development is proof that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is focusing on village development. In addition, he said, the development of Leuwisapi can improve the welfare of the surrounding community because eventually the surrounding environment will be organized into a tourist area.

    "In addition to matters of water engineering, there must always be an element of tourism, this is what I always say," Emil said. "For tourism, as long as the place is comfortable, so," he added.

    On the same occasion, Emil stated that West Java is the area with the largest hydrological path in Indonesia because of its abundant rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and irrigation. Wealth is equipped with a beautiful panorama. Thus, the West Java Provincial Government is developing water tourism as a superior, including Leuwisapi.

    Meanwhile, Head of the Water Resources Management Office (PSDA) Linda Al Amin said, Leuwisapi was under the management of the PST UPTD in the Cisadea-Cibareno River Region. "The existing irrigation network system is very simple, there is no weir, there are often landslides in the irrigation channel," he said.

    Therefore, in 2019, the West Java Provincial Government will rebuild Leuwisapi. This is done for printing new fields, increasing food security, which in turn can improve the welfare of the community.

    Meanwhile, Sukabumi Regent Marwan Hamami said, the area around Leuwisapi had potential in the agriculture and tourism sectors. "The Governor's encouragement, accelerate progress in our region," said Marwan.

    The Head of Warungkiara Village Panpan Apandi, said that his area has potential in the agriculture, plantation and water resources sectors. "With the Leuwisapi Dam, it will certainly be a source for developing agriculture in the Warungkiara village area," he said.

    "We, the citizens of Warungkiara, would like to thank the Governor and the Regent. We, the people of Warungkiara, can benefit greatly and improve our lives," he added.

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