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    West Java Provincial Government Will Build 23 Village Suspension Bridges This Year


    BANDUNG CITY- Innovation and collaboration are the keys to accelerating village development in West Java. This breakthrough not only made poverty in the village decrease, but also cut inequality between rural and urban communities while simultaneously suppressing the flow of urbanization because the Human Resources and natural village were optimized.

    West Java Provincial Government's Attention (Pemdaprov) in accelerating village development is focused on infrastructure. There are three programs initiated by the West Java Provincial Government to fix the village infrastructure, namely the Village (Heart) Bridge, Jalan Mulus, and Rural Electricity.

    The three programs aim to improve access to education and the economy, improve disaster management, and develop tourism potential.

    According to the Head of the Village Community Empowerment Service (DPM-Desa) Dedi Supandi, his office will build 23 Heart Villages spread across eight districts in 2019. The selection of the location of the suspension bridge construction, he said, is based on priority scale.

    There are two priorities determined by DPM-Desa Jawa Barat, namely school access and economic wheels. So, said Dedi Supandi, the main objective of village development programs can be realized quickly.

    "We are building 23 points of the Hanging Village Bridge. That can awaken the economy by connecting connectivity between the authorities, between villages and sub-districts, the connectivity of children with their school areas, "said Dedi.

    "The end is economic improvement, time effectiveness, and cost effectiveness. Those who have to travel a number of kilometers are quite crossing with a relatively short time, transporting agricultural products is not too long, there is time and cost effectiveness, "he continued.

    By setting the priority scale, DPM-Desa Jawa Barat can determine 23 locations out of 84 locations proposed by the community. According to Dedi, in addition to prioritizing the scale of priorities, his side conducted a direct observation to the location.

    "The location search has actually entered through proposals. The proposal came to the Governor (Ridwan Kamil), some through social media DPM-Desa itself accompanied by photographs. Until now, there have been 84 proposals. From the 84 proposals, we will conduct a site review, "he said.

    One of the Heart Village development points is in Malati Village, Naringgul District, Cianjur Regency. The Head of the Malati Village People's Welfare Section, Rusman, said that the existence of the Heart of the Village was able to accelerate the economy of rural communities who in fact work as farmers.

    "The benefits are huge because the people in the Malati village area are very much working on and taking produce from the next village. If the Heart of the Village is not built here, community access is very difficult," he said.

    Malati Village resident who works as a farmer, Ujang, agrees Rusman's statement. According to him, if the Heart of the Village was not built, he and other farmers must cover a distance of approximately 3 kilometers to get to the arable land.

    "When it rains, the river water is very high. I can't go this way. So, you have to drive to another village that has a suspension bridge. Yes, the distance is quite a distance of approximately 3 kilometers from here (the Heart of the Village built by the West Java Provincial Government), "Ujang said.

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