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    West Java Provincial Government Conducted Control of Land Revitalization of Land Based on Presidential Decree No. 62 of 2018


    BANDUNG CITY- Plh. West Java (West Java) Regional Secretary Daud Achmad said, the National Strategic Project for the revitalization of the Bogor-Yogyakarta railroad that passes through the Bogor and Sukabumi regions requires preparation for land control.

    The handling of this second phase includes the Maseng-Ciomas-Batu Tulis-Paledang segment and the Cicurug-Parungkuda-Cibadak-Karangtengah segment, PD Leungsir-Cisaat-Sukabumi.

    In its completion, the Provincial Government of West Java Province will use Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 62 of 2018 concerning land control for national development projects.

    What is regulated is state-owned land (owned by the central government, owned by regional government, owned by state / regional business entities) that have been controlled or owned by the community.

    "In this Perpres the term is compensation. Then the Integrated Social Impact Management Handling Team was formed, which was chaired by the Regional Secretary, "Daud said when opening the Integrated Team Member Meeting on Expose / Preparation for the Implementation of the Controlling Land for the Construction of the Double Track Railway between Bogor-Sukabumi Lintas Bogor-Yogyakarta in Gedung Sate, Bandung City , Friday (8/30/19).

    The integrated team consists of officials in charge of land procurement affairs within the Regional Office of the Provincial National Land Agency, officials of provincial and district / city regional work units in charge of land affairs, officials at the local land office at the land procurement location, the sub-district and local lurah, and security forces.

    The tasks of the Integrated Community Social Impact Handling Team, added Daud, include conducting data collection, verification and validation of the plots of land controlled by the community, conducting data collection, verification and validation of the people who control the land, proposing forms of handling social social impacts, and forming an independent party to calculate the unit value.

    "Then facilitating the resolution of obstacles and problems in the implementation of handling the social impact of the community, recommending a list of people who are entitled to compensation, recommending the amount of compensation, and recommending the mechanism and procedures for providing compensation," Daud said to the meeting participants.

    Finally, Daud hopes that the socialization can be carried out from 3 September to 24 September. "Later, while registering while (doing) assessment," lid David.

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