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    Increasing Interest in Reading Fun, West Java Collectors Visited 21,226 Times in April-August 2019


    BANDUNG CITY-A book cabinet shaped like a typical British red telephone box spread throughout the districts / cities in West Java (West Java). The Intelligent Literacy Box (Kolecer) is named.

    With the presence of Kolecer in the center of the crowd of 27 regencies / cities in West Java, the community is even more absorbed and easy to take the time to read.

    That is the focus of the West Java Provincial Government Program through the West Java Regional Library and Archive Service (Dispusipda) in encouraging interest in reading West Java residents. Because, in general, asking to read in Indonesia is still low with a reading index of only 0.001.

    "The goal (Kolecer) is to increase interest in reading in the community, so that the Collecer is placed close to the community in the center of the crowd to be easily accessed," said Riadi, Head of the West Java Dispusipda.

    In the first phase, the Kolecer program which was inaugurated on December 15, 2018 by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil was distributed to 26 cities / regencies throughout West Java, except Bandung City as a pilot.

    "The target is there are 150 Collecers until the end of 2019. Collectors from this province are highly awaited because they become a vehicle, there are new community activities in the place, for example book review," Riadi added.

    Now, Kolecer has also proven to attract local people to simply ask questions about books, start reading books, to be creative or to participate in activities offered by the management of each Kolecer.

    Wowo, Dini Dwi Widya's cute doll, is a form of creativity that accompanies the presence of Collecers in Cianjur Regency. As the manager of the Collector in Cianjur Square, Dini who is a storyteller motivates children to read through the Wowo story.

    "About 60 percent (to the Collecer) are children because there are special dolls that attract children to come, the remaining 30 percent are teenagers and 10 percent are adults," Dini said.

    "Excellent retailers, good response and always crowded every day, especially holidays. There are about 150 books, the majority are children's books. Others have novels, religious books, recipes, and about medicine," he added.

    In addition to reading and listening to fairy tales, many other activities in the District Collector. Cianjur, which was held with the community, included education on waste management and Hand Catching Operation plastic bags to be exchanged for environmentally friendly shopping bags with Cianjur Zero Waste.

    "The activity was also a magnet for the people around. Besides that, residents around the square and the pavilion were already familiar before the madrasa, stop by the Kolecer first," said Dini.

    Just like Dini, Sinta Dewi Vaira also offers other creations to liven up the activities around the Tasikmalaya City Retailers. Residents can learn to write, draw, and also watch a movie near the green Colecer in the Tasikmalaya City Gazebo.

    "I teach writing experience too, if you just read it without being touched by other creative things, you will get bored. The enthusiasm of the citizens is very good, especially if I make the literacy, not only reading and writing," said Sinta.

    "I invite the public to watch local films, in collaboration with Kofita (Tasikmalaya Film Community), there are also Ngulisik Tourism Bus footage. There is also an anti-corruption education game from the KPK," said Sinta.

    Talking about the Ngulisik Tourist Bus (Nguriling Kota Tasik), Sinta also said that she had collaborated with the management to bring a mini collector on the bus. In total, there are 88 books that are ready to be read by residents of the City of the Islamic Boarding School.

    "The ones who read are mostly children, especially there (City Park) there are many traders, well I invited the merchants' children and embraced to read while waiting for their parents to stay up late," said Sinta.

    Another excitement was present to accompany Kolecer in Depok City and Kab. West Bandung. Alfian Pratama, manager of the Collector in Depok's Gurame Valley Park, said the residents positively welcomed the presence of the purple colored box.

    In fact, not a few who want to donate books to be a collection of Depok City Collectors. "The residents in this housing complex are very enthusiastic, there are those who want to contribute up to one box. I also have to choose, which ones are worthy of being published, not all of them enter the Collecer," Alfian said.

    "The books at Kolecer are diverse, there are inspirational stories, novels are also many from community contributions such as Harry Potter. Now there are approximately 285 books, some in the box under Kolecer," he added.

    Interest in Kolecer, said Alfian, was very high especially on Sunday, especially by children who were just starting to learn to read accompanied by their parents.

    In addition, Kolecer becomes a place to gather with family on weekends because Alfian often invites residents who bring pets to stop by at Kolecer.

    "Innovation in Depok, sometimes invites people who bring pets to stop by the Collecer, so as well as scientific literacy and attractions, "Alfian said.

    In the Great Mosque of Lembang, Kabecer Kab. West Bandung (KBB) also draws the attention of local residents. Budiman Santosa, manager of the KBB Collector, said that every month the enthusiasm of students and mosque worshipers increases

    "They read books even for a short time. And because there are many schools, so most students go to Kolecer. Books vary, there are for children, adolescents, and parents," said Budiman.

    Besides being filled with books from West Java Dispusipda, KBB Collectors also received loans from the district library. In total, there are 190 books that can be read by the public, especially in Lembang.

    "(Kolecer) has collaborated with KBB's Dongeng Village and village libraries, also with schools. (Nearby) here is SDN 1 Jayagiri, I instructed the teacher, after exercising in the square before returning to school to read first at the Collecer 10-15 minutes, "said Budiman.

    Based on the latest recap of West Java Dispusipda period from April to August 2019, Kolecer spread throughout West Java managed to get 21,226 visits.

    Until the same period, the program offered 3,969 titles of book collections with a total of 5,606 copies that could be read by children to parents.

    In addition to reading, writing, and listening to fairy tales, other activities held with Kolecer also vary in each region, from book discussions, fun learning English, health checks, painting and coloring, to learning poetry. Exciting right?

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