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    Public Expose Live 2019: Digital Revolution in the Capital Market Industry


    BANDUNG-Indonesian Capital Market Regulator has finished holding a series of 2019 Public Expose Live events on Wednesday (08/28) yesterday, with a performance presentation and invited 42 Listed Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), which were witnessed directly through the webinar.

    Head of the Capital Market Supervision Department 1A Financial Services Authority (OJK) Luthfy Zain Fuady said, Public Expose Live 2019 is one form of digital transformation in terms of information disclosure and transparency in the Indonesian Capital Market.

    "Currently, the capital market industry is transforming and focusing on the use of technology. "Since the beginning of the year even various policies, media and new products with a technological approach have been launched by the OJK and the Self-Regulatory Organization," said Luthfy, through a release received by jabarprov.go.id.

    According to Luthfy, indirectly, Public Expose Live 2019 has become a new protection mechanism for investors in the capital market by minimizing the potential for information asymmetry, a condition that occurs if one party has more or better information than the other party, also increasing understanding investors towards the performance of the Listed Company on the IDX.

    "The 2019 Public Expose Live broadcast can be witnessed on the IDX Youtube account (@indonesiastockexchange), so it is expected to make it easier for investors to access information from listed companies as a reference in making investment decisions," he said.

    Meanwhile, IDX Development Director Hasan Fawzi said that the new approach to the presentation of the performance of listed companies that adopted technology in Public Expose Live 2019 turned out to be very well responded by the community.

    "Data shows the number of participants reached 21,522 participants. IDX data also shows that more than 60% of online exposures of Public Expose Live 2019 are investors and potential investors aged 18 to 34 years with 70 percent of media used in the form of cell phones," he said.

    Hasan stressed, with the high participation of participants, this new approach was appropriate and in accordance with the conditions of the rapid increase in the number of investors from the millennial generation segment.

    "Public Expose Live 2019 recorded a variety of new records. The number of participants reached 21,522 participants consisting of 4,570 in person and 10,690 participants watched online, plus 6,262 participants watched together in the IDX's Representative Offices and Investment Galleries throughout Indonesia," he said. (Parno)

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