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    This is How Rumah Zakat Recommends Waqf to Young Children


    BANDUNG-In order to increase the knowledge of the younger generation of productive endowments, Rumah Zakat held a Waqf Goes to School roadshow "Fun & Learn Waqf" at SMAN 15 Bandung on Wednesday (28/8). As many as 500 students joined the activity which was directly filled by Chief Waqf Officer of Rumah Zakat, Soleh Hidayat.

    "This endowment education is packed with games and simulations of endowments for money and endowments. It aims to make students interested and understand about waqf, "said Soleh.

    Waqf Goes to School is planned to take place until December 2019. The program will be held in 30 cities throughout Indonesia.

    The Waqf Goes to School Roadshow is one of a series of Waqf Wave Programs carried by the Zakat House. The program aims to educate Indonesian people to better understand the essence of waqf.

    "So far the community only knows that waqf is part of charity. In fact, if it is productive, the waqf potential that reaches Rp 180 trillion can be one of the solutions to solve our country's social problems," said Soleh. (Even)

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