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    Jabar Saber Hoaks Successfully Clarifies 2,643 Complaints to August 21, 2019


    BANDUNG CITY - The digital era in which massive communication is carried out through a device presents its own challenges, namely how everyone fortifies himself against hoax information.

    So, what should be done if the information has already spread to the public? For the people of West Java (Jabar), the presence of the Jabar Sapu Bersih (Saber) Hoaks Team is the frontline in classifying whether the news is disinformation or fact.

    Jabar Saber Hoaks itself is one of the flagship programs of the Provincial Government of West Java (West Java) under the technical assistance of the West Java Communication and Information Office (Diskominfo) which was inaugurated by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil on December 7, 2018.

    In addition to classifying information, Jabar Saber Hoaks (JSH) also aims to increase the digital literacy of the West Java community so that it is not easy to believe hoaks. The West Java Team Saber Hoaks has also conducted socialization in seven districts / cities throughout West Java, namely Kab. Sukabumi, Kab. Garut, Kab. Cianjur, Kab. Cirebon, Cirebon City, Tasikmalaya City, and Kab. Bekasi.

    According to the Head of West Java Diskominfo Setiaji, hoaks arise because the public easily disseminates information that is not yet valid. For this reason, said Setiaji, socialization of community leaders and Community Information Groups (KIM) is important to prevent the spread of hoaks.

    "So far, we have provided clarification, while hoax sources are still emerging. Now, we educate the positive things to be reported. So Diskominfo and JSH routinely go down to the city / district to socialize about hoax prevention," said Setiaji.

    "The most important thing is how to educate its citizens so that they are not immediately shared, but filtered first. The point is not to counter (hoaks), but to prevent," he added.

    Until August 21, 2019, Jabar Saber Hoaks succeeded in clarifying 2,643 complaints from a total of 4,454 complaints. Jabar Saber Hoaks team has also monitored local issues in various regions, including Kab. Garut and Kab. Bekasi.

    Regarding the work process, Jabar Coordinator Saber Hoaks Enda Nasution said, his party received public complaints through the hotline and WhatsApp at 08211-8670-700 or Twitter, Instagram, and LINE @ jabarsaberhoaks, and Facebook @ official.jabarsaberhoaks.

    Next, the complaint will be recapitulated by the Admin Team and then followed by the Fact Finding Team. "Every complaint that comes in, about a maximum of three hours (can already be clarified), according to the direction of the Governor," said Enda.

    There is a classification for every information published in the Jabar Saber Hoaks social media account, namely disinformation, misinformation, news, and truth clarification.

    The content itself is dominated by the political category (42.84 percent), followed by health-related information at 13.47 percent. Other categories are related to regulations / laws, traffic, disasters, crime, to fraud.

    Meanwhile, besides uploading clarification content through social media, the Jabar Saber Hoaks Team also routinely submits the Top 5 Clarification Results which are monitored weekly.

    As of July 2019, Jabar Saber Hoaks also managed to get a total of 8,360,402 organic reach social media pages both through clarification content and digital literacy. Hundreds of thousands of comments and likes as a form of interaction have also been given by the community.

    Meanwhile, several complaints of information that have been clarified by West Java Saber Hoaks include 'New Tourism Disinformation in South Cianjur', 'News of the Java Coast Potential in Rattling 8.8 SR and 20-meter Powerful Tsunami', to 'Dissemination of Ridwan Kamil and Bima Arya Planga-Plongo in England because Drinking Lots of Soap 'Water.

    In addition to cracking down on their own complaints, the Jabar Saber Hoaks Team also cooperated with the Balad Saber Hoaks community spread across 27 districts / cities of West Java.

    "We also have a WhatsApp group with volunteers, Balad JSH, from communities throughout West Java. There are approximately 40 volunteers," Enda said.

    Latest, Jabar Saber Hoaks program included in the 2019 GovInsider Innovation Awards. Announcement and the peak night of the award will be held at the UN Conference Center, Bangkok, Thailand, 16 October.

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