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    Parliament's Last Plenary Session Approves Three Regional Regulation


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Parliament (DPRD) plenary meeting held on Wednesday (8/28/19) evening set three draft regional regulations (raperda) to become regional regulations (perda).

    The three regional regulations of the West Java provincial government initiatives are the Regional Regulation on the Amendment of the West Java Regional Budget for 2019, the Regional Regulation on Health Organization and the Regional Regulation on Amendments to the West Java Regional Regulation Number 22 of 2010 concerning the West Java Regional Spatial Plan for 2009-2029.

    The three regulations that have been approved and approved by all members of the Council are signed by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil and the Chairperson of the West Java Regional Parliament Ineu Purwadewi Sundari.

    The plenary session which was held until eleven o'clock that night was the last plenary of the West Java DPRD in 2014-2019. Starting next week or Monday (2/9/19) the chairmen and members of the West Java DPRD will be filled with new faces until 2024.

    Governor Ridwan Kamil in his final opinion said, the three regulations that were passed were the result of discussion and in-depth study of the Budget Agency, the DPRD Special Committee and the West Java Provincial Government.

    "On behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, we thank you for the dedication of the leadership and members of the DPRD who have shown very high performance in observing, refining and refining so that the discussion on perda can be completed," said the Governor who is familiarly called Emil.

    Henceforth, the three local regulations will be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Indonesian Parliament for evaluation. "After it was signed, it arrived at the last stage, which was handed over to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Republic of Indonesia Parliament for evaluation," Emil said.

    He asserted, as carrying out the people's aspirations these efforts were carried out solely in the interests of the people of West Java. In the introduction to his speech, Emil conveyed the volume of APBD Changes in West Java for the 2019 budget year, amounting to Rp39.18 trillion.

    "I am fully convinced that as a bearer of the people's aspirations, all these efforts are based solely on the mandate for the interests of the people of West Java, especially in development policies," Emil said.

    In an overnight plenary meeting the West Java DPRD returned two proposed draft regulations to the West Java Provincial Government because they were considered to be studied in more depth. The two draft laws are the Draft Regulation on Religious Education and the Draft Regulation on the Development and Housing Development and Settlement Areas Plan for 2019-2038.

    In the same place, the Chairperson of West Java DPRD Ineu Purwadewi Sundari revealed that the draft law that had not been ratified, namely on religious education, had to be improved from the aspect of the academic text. Specifically the Religious Education Draft Regional Regulation must await the new law from the central government which is now being discussed with the Indonesian Parliament.

    "The Draft Regulation on Religious Education is returned to the West Java Provincial Government as reported by the Special Committee II because it must be corrected and needs to wait for related laws that are being discussed by the DPR RI as references and adjustments related to provincial authority," Ineu explained.

    Ineu explained the reasons why the Draft Regional Regulation on Housing and Settlement and Housing Area Development Plan for 2019-2038. According to him, the draft regulation needs to be further discussed by the West Java DPRD for a term of 2019-2024.

    In his last speech, Ineu expressed his gratitude to all parties who had fought together in the framework of building West Java for the past five years. He also prayed for the new West Java DPRD members to be given fluency in carrying out the mandate of the people.

    "Five years have been spent together on behalf of the leadership and members of the West Java DPRD 2014-2019 and on behalf of our personal thanks to all colleagues in arms in order to build West Java. Sorry if there are deficiencies, hopefully new DPRD members are given fluency in carrying out the mandate the people and West Java can move forward under the leadership of Mr. Ridwan Kamil, "concluded Ineu.

    The last night's plenary session then ended with a group photo session and souvenir giving.

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