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    West Java Deputy Governor: Head of Village Must Bring Change To The Village


    CIMAHI CITY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, the Village Head (Kades) was the spearhead in the development of the village and its people. Therefore, all village heads in West Java must be able to bring change to their villages.

    "The village head is the spearhead of development in the village," Uu said while giving direction to 88 village heads in the Education and Training (Training and Training) Governance Village Wave IV Generation IX-XI at BPSDM Prov. West Java, City of Cimahi, Wednesday (8/28/19).

    "For this reason, I hope that the village heads can bring change to the village and the community. This means that the village heads must bring changes for the better," he added.

    According to Uu, all individuals have potential. However, not all individuals have the opportunity to develop their potential. Therefore, this education and training activity was held to explore the potential of all village heads in West Java.

    "This training program is also intended to develop the potential of village heads, because every human being has an advantage. But, not all of them have the opportunity to explore their potential," he said.

    The event was attended by the Village Heads from six Regencies, namely Kuningan Regency, Sukabumi Regency, Cianjur Regency, Majalengka Regency, Sumedang Regency, and Subang Regency. This year's Village Governance Training and Training activities will be carried out until class XIII with a total of 30 people. The total number of participants in Class I-VII was 270 Village Heads.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java BPSDM Muhamad Solihin said, the purpose of holding training for the Village Head was to realize the vision of the West Java Champion Born Inner with Innovation and Collaboration. In addition, the village head is expected to be able to support the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) to realize a flagship program called Desa Juara.

    "Therefore, the West Java Provincial Human Resources Development Agency is obliged to carry out competency development for the Village Heads, through this Village Governance Training," said Solihin.

    Solihin also explained, the material provided in the training consisted of the Visionary Leadership of the Village Head, Prime Services and Public Ethics, the Village Medium-Term Development Plan, Village Financial Management, Village Spatial Planning, MSME Development in the Village, Mapping of Village Potential, Anti-Corruption Education, Institutional Development and Village Community Participation, Village Innovation and One Village One Company, Digital Technology and Collaboration for the Acceleration of Village Development, Sharing and Benchmarks to leading villages, and making follow-up plans.

    Participants in the Village Governance Training and Education program carry out learning activities in class for four days. In addition, participants visited leading villages in Central Java for three days, namely to Ponggok Village.

    The village head of Ponggok himself was able to transform his village from a poor village into an independent village through the Tirta Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) which manages Umbul Ponggok tourism, Village Stores, Ciblon Ponggok, and aquaculture with an income of IDR 16 billion per year.

    "It is hoped that participants will get inspiration and be able to apply what is obtained from benchmarks in their village," said Solihin.

    Village Commander Pakades

    The West Java Regional Government under the leadership of Ridwan Kamil-Uu also paid special attention to the acceleration of village development. Therefore, the village head must be enthusiastic in developing the village. At present, West Java Provincial Government has a series of excellent programs in the village, such as village wifi, e-fishery, intimate credit programs, love suitcase, village tourism programs through home stay, and One Village One Company (OVOC).

    In order to improve the village head's competency, the West Java Provincial Government through the West Java BPSDM initiated the Village Commander's Village Chief Program (Professional, Active, Ngabret, Leadership, Innovative and Independent Village Head Competency Development).

    According to Solihin, the aim of the Desa Pangades Village Pakades program is to improve the professional attitudes and behaviors of the village head in carrying out development in his area.

    There are six components in Pakades Panglima Desa champion. First, the village head must have professional skills in planning and implementing village development. Then, the village head must have an active ability to demonstrate commitment and responsibility as village leaders.

    The village head must also have the ability Ngabret (running) to keep abreast of the times and technological advances. Then, the village head must have the leadership ability to lead and as a village motivator. The next component, the village head must have the ability to make village innovations to improve the independence and welfare of his village. Finally, the village head must have an independent ability to improve the welfare of his village community.

    That way, the Pakades Panglima Desa program is expected to be able to produce superior village leaders and can provide color for village development.

    West Java Provincial Government itself needs time to develop the competencies of all village heads because the number of villages in West Java reaches 5,312 ,. Therefore, learning media through e-learning are needed so that all village heads in West Java receive training and knowledge in leading their villages.

    To realize that, West Java BPSDM launched Pakades Melaju (Competency Development Through Champion e-learning). This program is expected to be a solution, so that all Kades get knowledge and learn anywhere, without being hindered by distance and learning time.

    Pakades Melaju itself was launched to support the Digital Village program and increase the capacity of the village head in facing the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. With this program, it is expected that the Village Head in West Java is competent and reliable in building his village in accordance with the program that has been launched by the West Java Provincial Government. Later it will have an impact on improving regional performance and service to the community.

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