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    Increasing Disaster Preparedness through Disaster Preparedness Villages


    GARUT REGENCY - West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) collaborates with the Regency / City Regional Government to improve preparedness in handling disasters.

    As stated by the Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum after being an apple coach in the peak Apple event of the Jamboree Village Who Is Disaster in Lap. Cilopang Rancabango Village, Garut Regency, Wednesday (8/28/19).

    "We already know, compared to other provinces, especially a number of regencies / cities, they have a high potential for natural disasters. Therefore, West Java Provincial Government collaborates with the Regency / City Government to say activities related to natural disaster preparedness, "Uu said.

    According to Uu, the purpose of these activities was to train the mentality of those responsible for handling disasters. One of them is by doing simulation - what should be done during and after a disaster.

    "If only knowledge is given, but simulations are not carried out, fear that when there is a disaster many parties will be rigid. Because, if during a disaster, the situation and mentality will be different, "he said.

    Our hope is that the related parties have a great mentality, strong, so that there is no panic disaster. Science is important, but mentality is equally important, "he continued.

    In this jamboree, the new Disaster Alert Village (KSB) was inaugurated, namely the KSB of Rancabango Village, Tarogong Kaler District, Garut Regency. In Garut itself the KSB of Rancabango Village is the fourth KSB, previously three other KSBs had been formed, namely KSB Talegong Village in Talegong District, KSB Sindangsari Village in Cisompet District, and Dano Village KSB in Leles District.

    Garut Deputy Regent Helmi Budiman said, in addition to being endowed with charming natural beauty, Garut was also designated as the most disaster-prone areas by BNPB in 2017. "It is very appropriate if Garut is used as a place of jamboree by Tagana," said Helmi.

    "I hope this jamboree can give birth to Tagana members who are better, more prepared, alert to disasters," he continued.

    At present, there are 114 KSB spread across 21 regencies / cities in West Java. Head of West Java Province Social Service Dodo Suhendar explained, the purpose and objective of the implementation of the jamboree and the formation of the Disaster Prepared Village is to provide protection to the community from the threat of disaster.

    This was done through community-based disaster management activities in disaster-prone areas. Meanwhile, the KSB Jamboree aims to form a character, increase the attitude of independence, skills, unity and unity among members of the West Java KSB.

    "So the West Java Provincial Social Service and the Ministry of Social Affairs have established the Disaster Alert Village that has so far spread to various districts, which of course is community participation in disaster management," he said.

    "In the future we hope we develop, we will form a new Alert Disaster Alert Village which is certainly based on the priority of disaster-prone areas," he added.

    This time the KSB Jamboree was held on August 26-28 2019 at Cilopang Camp, Rancabango Village, Tarogong Kaler District, Garut Regency. The Jamboree was attended by 490 KSB members from 21 regencies / cities in West Java, and 40 companions from the Tagana district / city coordination forum. The jamboree activity was filled with administrative tests, achievement tests, and competency tests concerning community-based disaster management.

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