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    Pesantren Civilisation Awakening


    CIAMIS-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) attended the 81st-milad of Pondok Pesantren (Islamic boarding schools) Al-Qur'an Cijantung Ciamis and the 19th Haul of Al-Maghfurlahu KH. Moch. Sirodj on Sunday (10/04/16).

    Aher said pesantren is identical with pride, Allahu Akbar surge in the struggle of pesantren. It is difficult to achieve independence and what it is right now without pesantren. Moreover, pesantren are the hallmark of Indonesia is synonymous with the archipelago, because we as humankind reaches 90% majority of the Muslims are responsible for maintaining pesantren.

    Aher added that the duty of us to bring pesantren civilisation through two main conditions, firstly is mastery extracted science from Al-Quran and Al-Hadith which tells the story in it about right and wrong, good and bad, and is not acceptable.

    The second is the acquisition of knowledge extracted from kauniyah verses of the universe.

    Therefore, Aher hopes in the future alumni of Pesantren Cijantung not only continue the higher education at the university, but also to be able to penetrate to the ITB, IPB, UNPAD, UI and other universities.

    Moreover, the Government of West Java province has a college scholarship program for free when Ponpes Cijantung students who graduated at state universities and more than 15 juz memorised the Qur'an. This opportunity should be utilised by the students of Ponpes Cijantung.

    At the end of tausyiah, Aher conveyed that the balance of IMTAQ, science and technology will become the excellence pesantren compared to other educational institutions.

    This is also reflected in the history of Islam that ordaining nine of the 10 companions of the Prophet were guaranteed by Paradise.

    "I hope the students of Cijantung can be part of the progress in the future, who happy in this world and the hereafter," he concluded.

    This event has the theme "Revitalisation Role of Pesantren in Multi Dimensional Contemporary Facing Changes" is an attempt to bring the pesantren in line with the values of Islam rahmatan lilalamin, a blessing for the universe and is able to provide solutions to contemporary problems facing by society in the contemporary era.

    The event was attended by 2,500 participants consisting of the Regent and the official of Ciamis, Forum Communications of Pesantren throughout Ciamis, invited guests, social organisations, alumni and the students of the Qur'an Cijantung Ponpes.

    Caregiver of Pesantren Al-Quran Cijantung, KH. Asep Saefulmillah conveyed pride and respect for the presence of Aher as al-Mukarom KH. Ahmad Heryawan, because he thinks this is the first time that West Java led by a Kyai figure. Aher presence in West Java are expected to participate in forwarding two great dream of the founders of Ponpes Cijantung-KH. Moch. Sirodj.

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