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    ILOC 2019, Valuable Asset Data


    JAKARTA- The collection, processing and packaging of data to become information needed and used by the community, government and other institutions so that later it becomes a benchmark in every decision, is not easy.

    To answer this problem, Lokadata and Beritagar.id in collaboration with the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) today, Wednesday (08/28) held the 2019 Indonesia Lokadata Conference (ILOC) at the Grand Ballroom Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi, Jakarta.

    In ILOC 2019 which was attended by hundreds of participants from various parties who had data processing interests, ranging from business people, state civil servants, researchers, students were discussed various strategic issues related to data, discussing data optimization to become a strength in every industrial sector in Indonesia.

    A number of presenters from various walks of life attended ILOC 2019, including the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, the Head of Bappennas, the Chief of Staff of the Presidency, the Head of BPS including the Head of the Office of Communication and Infrastructure of West Java Province, Setiaji as well as from professionals including the President Director of the Djarum Foundation, CEO of the GDP Center, CEO of Funds, Ovo CDO, VP Data Tiket.com.

    CEO Lokadata and Beritagar.id, Herman Kwok said, ILOC 2019 talked more about how policy makers work based on data so that in the future there will be no more stuttering in utilizing data but can be utilized to the maximum.

    "ILOC 2019 focuses on the use of data to make decisions / policies, the data is also for creative ideas, therefore ILOC 2019 is not intended for data experts only, but for all parties engaged in data," Herman said, at the ILOC 2019 event, Wednesday (08/28).

    According to Herman, not a few individuals and institutions are fixated on data, which ultimately decision makers are afraid to innovate and how to dig, read and process mediocre data, will also only lead to the same conclusions with other parties.

    "Having complete and adequate data is a valuable asset, analysis and drawing conclusions are also very important. If something goes wrong in one of these processes, the end result will not be maximized," he said. (Parno)

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