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    Cihaurgeulis Market Development is Continued


    BANDUNG- After being delayed, construction of the Cihaurgeulis Market is rolling again and is targeted to be completed within the next 4 months under a new name, Pasar Geulis.

    According to the Daily Mayor of Bandung Mayor, Yana Mulyana, the construction of the Cihaurgeulis Market actually continued to proceed, but was delayed because it had to pocket the recommendations of the Bandung Building Expert Team (TABG).

    "The recommendation from the Bandung City TABG is one of the requirements for building a building with a building area of ??5000 meters," Yana said, while observing the Cihaurgeulis Market, Tuesday (27/08).

    Yana said that currently, structurally the Cihaurgeulis Market had pocketed architectural recommendations, so that the construction would just continue.

    "Based on the plan, this market will consist of 4-5 floors, the ground floor for light traders, the 1st floor (wet traders), the 2nd floor (light traders), and finally for the Holy T-shirt craftsmen," he said.

    Yana said, this market would consist of 540 trading spaces, each of which 380 spaces would be occupied by old traders while the rest would be occupied by t-shirt center craftsmen.

    "The point is that we prioritize the old traders in Cihaurgeulis and the Sacred T-shirt craftsmen because it is estimated that the t-shirt center craftsmen will be displaced by the BUTR (Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road) project. So we prepare here," he added.

    As is known, the BIUTR project is the construction of a toll road in the city of Bandung, starting from the Pasteur Toll Road, then along the main road north along the Pasupati Road to Mustopa (Suci) Road, passing Cicaheum and along the AH Nasution Road towards Ujungberung. (Parno)

    Cihaurgeulis Market Is Designed to Save Energy

    BANDUNG- The construction of various buildings with the concept of "go green" is a necessity in the current era, where every building that is built to a minimum uses energy sourced from fossil energy.

    The thing is the construction of the Cihaurgeulis Market which is planned to use the concept of energy saving after being delayed because it has to pocket the recommendations of the Bandung Building Expert Team (TABG).

    Geulis Market Planning Architect, Wahyu Edi Suwarno revealed, the construction of the Cihaurgeulis Market is designed to save energy, where with a width of 27 meters and a length of 50 meters, sunlight will penetrate into the market so that it can save electricity usage.

    "We have indeed designed it to become a people's market. Although the people's market is arranged in a more attractive atmosphere," Wahyu said, while observing the Cihaurgeulis Market on Tuesday (27/08).

    According to Wahyu, not only saving energy, the green concept will also be present at the Cihaurgeulis Market, especially on the 1st floor or the baser's merchant floor which will be arranged with the green concept.

    "Ideally, hydroponic plants are present. But with the existing budget, we use them with more affordable ones," he explained. (Parno)

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