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    Delivering Public Lectures at UPI, West Java Deputy Governor Called Moral is Important to Achieve Success


    BANDUNG CITY - In addition to competence in certain fields, Deputy Governor of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that superior human beings in West Java must have integrity and good morals.

    The reason, according to Uu, a person's current success cannot only be seen from the material, but also his morality. This was conveyed by Uu when giving a public lecture in front of thousands of new students during the Campus Orientation Period and the Public Lecture (Mokaku) of the Indonesian Education University (UPI).

    Explaining the public lecture with the theme 'Superior Human Development in West Java', Uu also asked students to prepare mentally in facing lectures and the world of campus. According to Uu, there are three scopes of problems in today's young generation.

    "Prepare mentally for today's students. The problems surrounding today's students are the environment, moral decadence, and morals," Uu said at the UPI Campus Gymnasium Building, Bandung City, Tuesday (27/8/19).

    "Because one's success is not only seen from intelligence, but morals and morals are the main points," he added.

    For this reason, Uu asks that young people today have high moral integrity, expertise and discipline. Especially in the digital age that requires us to have a variety of expertise in order to adapt to the times and global competitiveness.

    Then, Uu said that in 2045 Indonesia was predicted to become a developed and superpower country. Even so, Uu added, all that can only be realized if Indonesia has three conditions.

    "First, Indonesia must be safe and peaceful, especially in the process of changing leadership or democracy," he said.

    "Then, the economy will progress. If the economic improvement is at five percent, the third condition, namely the development of superior and competitive human resources can be realized," said Uu.

    Meanwhile, UPI Rector Asep Kadarohman said, this year UPI entered the ranks of 10 State Universities (PTN) with the most interest in Indonesia. UPI occupies the fourth position with 48,231 people who are interested.

    While the total number of new students accepted by UPI in 2019 was 10,158 students, consisting of D-III (283 people), S-1 (8,483), S-2 (1,064) and S-3 (328).

    Mokaku's activities are an integral part of the education process at UPI. Asep explained that Mokaku aims to strengthen the foundation so that UPI students have a national spirit and a spirit of learning.

    "This Mokaku activity aims to instill a foundation of understanding about UPI, which simultaneously strengthens the foundation so that new UPI students have a strong national spirit and a great enthusiasm for learning in achieving achievements according to their respective fields," Asep concluded.

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