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    There Is No Legal Umbrella, Draft Regional Regulation on Religious Education Withdrawn From West Java Parliament


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, called on the public, particularly religious education institutions in West Java to be patient as the draft local regulation (raperda) on religious education was drawn from discussions with the West Java Parliament (DPRD).

    According to Uu, previously the draft was being discussed with the West Java DPRD. But it received input from the Ministry of Home Affairs to temporarily withdraw the draft law, pending the enactment of a pesantren law by the central government.

    Uu said that he and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, who came from a pesantren environment, would continue to look for ways to fight for giving attention to religious education institutions.

    "This is part of our promise to help pesantren. Therefore we are looking for a solution. So to the people who are waiting for our promise about the pesantren regulation, there is indeed control, but we will not remain silent," Uu said, after opening a workshop and teacher training. madrasa owner of SK Inpasing all Garut Regency, Tuesday (27/08/2019).

    Uu asked the public to remain patient and will take the path of establishing their legal umbrella through the governor's regulation first. The same thing, he said, had been done when he served as Regent of Tasikmalaya, making regents regulations related to religious education.

    "Kang Emil (Ridwan Kamil) provided a solution, and so his enthusiasm he wanted to help the West Java pesantren because they were both from the pesantren community. So this was an obstacle, we did not remain silent," he said.

    With the existence of a legal umbrella in the form of regulations or regulations, he said, the public, especially religious education institutions, will receive attention, especially financial assistance from the West Java Provincial Government.

    During this time, he said, pesantren that have received government assistance are mostly those who have access to the government, are good at making proposals, or who provide support.

    "With the legal umbrella, all pesantren can get our attention, especially in the budget sector. There is no need to be close to the governor or his deputy, no need to be near other parties, no need to use proposals, all can," he said.

    Previously the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil said that he had drawn the discussion of the draft regulation after receiving input from the Ministry of Home Affairs, at a plenary meeting last week. He expressed his gratitude for the performance of the Special Committee II West Java DPRD in the discussion of the draft law on religious education.

    The purpose of the draft religious education regulation is to facilitate funding for the organization of religious education, strengthen institutional aspects of religious education, increase the human resource capacity of educators in religious education institutions, improve the quality of students in understanding and practicing the values ??of religious teachings, and increasing professionalism and accountability manager of religious education units in the area of ??West Java Province.

    "However, at the consultation stage of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Indonesian Parliament, they provided input and suggestions so that the discussion on the draft regulation on religious education awaits the adoption of a law on pesantren, bearing in mind that religious affairs are an absolute matter of the central government, especially the draft pesantren law is already at a stage "the preparation of the final draft, and according to the agenda will be set in October 2019," he said.

    Responding to the withdrawal of the draft law on religious education and taking into account that the aims and objectives of regulating religious education and religious education are strategic programs in the Province of West Java as stipulated in the RPJMD of the Province of West Java in 2018-2023, it requests plea and support that the regulation of religious education and education religion can be done in the form of governor's regulations. (Even)

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