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    Regional Regulation on Spatial and Regional Plans Enter Final Discussion Phase


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated, the Regional Regulation (Perda) on Spatial and Regional Planning (RTRW) is in the final stage of discussion by the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) together with the West Java DPRD. According to Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil -, the regulation must be resolved immediately because it concerns the future of West Java.

    "Currently in the finalization phase of the discussion on Regional Regulation on RTRW. The Regional Regulation is very important because it will be the future of West Java, "Emil said when met at the West Java DPRD Special Committee Room, Bandung City, Monday (8/26/19).

    Emil also said, one of the things discussed in the Regional Regulation was that investors should not disturb the balance of the environment or productive areas of agriculture. "So, I can build. But, make sure it is not in the location that we preserve as a source of environmental sustainability," he said.

    At present, said Emil, his office together with the West Java Regional Parliament Special Committee is conducting several RTRW studies. One of them is for the three-point development of the Jakarta-Bandung Transit Oriented Development (TOD) fast train.

    "We are anticipating that studies of new things are still unfinished. For example, later a fast train, Tegalluar TOD development should be finalized, including Walini and Karawang," he said.

    On the same occasion, Emil said, the location of airport development in Sukabumi Regency had not yet been determined because it had to be studied first in the RTRW. Nevertheless, he said, his party had pocketed two locations, namely Cikembar and Citarate.

    "The airport in Sukabumi still has several considerations for its location, while we agree to remain in Sukabumi Regency, but we are waiting for a study to choose between two locations, namely Cikembar and Citarate, which is the most mature according to the RTRW," he said.

    If the maturation of the RTRW law is complete, the central government will first review it before it is determined. "It will be reviewed by the central government for approval before it finally becomes a regional regulation on the RTRW," he said.

    In addition, Emil encourages that a number of regional development in West Java not use funds from the regional budget because it is very limited. According to him, the source of development funds could be through the concept of Cooperation between the Government and Business Entity (KPBU).

    "In developing this region, we encourage not to use the APBD, but based on the PPP so that building West Java can accelerate without having to rely on a very limited APBD," he concluded.

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