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    West Java Provincial Government Gives Scholarships to the Community


    BANDUNG- The West Java Provincial Government will provide scholarships for all West Java people who are pursuing bachelor, master and doctoral education, through the Jabar Future Leader (JFL) program in 2019, where registration is open from Monday (08/26) to Sunday (09/08) 2019

    According to PLH Regional Secretary of West Java Province, Daud Ahmad, the JFL program is an effort of the West Java Provincial Government to facilitate West Javanese citizens who
    college in the West Java region with the aim to prepare the young generation of West Java as future leaders.

    "The scholarship that we provide for people who have a West Java Identity Card (KTP)," Daud said, in West Java Has Information (Japri) # 39, at the Lobby of the Gedung Sate Building, East Parking Building Gedung Sate, Monday (08/26).

    Daud said, each student would later receive the benefits of tuition assistance as well as a coaching and mentoring program from the JFL Scholarship which was divided into two categories, namely academic achievement scholarships and non-academic performance scholarships.

    "This is a concern from the West Java Provincial Government for those students or prospective students who excel, usually if the scholarship is only the achievers but cannot, well, we focus on the achievers because of what, because it is hoped they will later be able to plunge in the West to help programs, 9 priority development programs, "he explained.

    West Java Provincial Government Prepare IDR 50 Billion for JFL Program

    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government has prepared a budget of Rp. 50 billion for a scholarship program for all people of West Java who are pursuing bachelor, master and doctoral education, through the Jabar Future Leader (JFL) program in 2019.

    According to the Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office, Dewi Sartika, the budget needed for the 2019 JFL amounting to Rp.50 billion was intended for 1,697 scholarship recipients, each of whom had S1 totaling 1,097 students, S2 totaling 157 and S3 totaling 50 students.

    "The selection is openly announced on the web and online selection, financing list
    "S1 is full scholarship, S2 is only the cost of education for S3 assistance in nature and Universities are involved as many as 105," said Dewi, in West Java Having Information (Japri) # 39, at the Lobby of the Gedung Sate Building, East Parking Gedung Sate, Monday (08/26).

    Quota for scholarship recipients of academic achievements is 1,312 students, consisting of four types of scholarships, namely full scholarships for undergraduate students of 705 students, full scholarships for masters level as many as 157 students, scholarships for financial assistance
    S3 level of education as many as 50 students and scholarships to accelerate high school students as well as S1 level as many as 400 students.

    Full scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate tuition assistance scholarships are intended for new students who are accepted at 10 A accredited universities that have collaborated with the West Java Provincial Government.

    The 10 universities, namely Bandung Institute of Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, Indonesian University of Education, Pasundan University, Bandung Islamic University, Telkom University and Parahyangan University and President University.

    Specifically for the scholarship assistance costs for education at the S3 level, there is one additional university that can join the scholarship category, namely students of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, while scholarships for accelerating access to undergraduate education can be attended by students from 98 universities in West Java.

    There is also a long-time scholarship program to accelerate the education of children
    S1 level is 1 year, while the quota of non-academic achievement scholarship recipients is 385 students divided into 4 types, including scholarships for undergraduate religious achievement (135), scholarships for undergraduate academic achievement (85 students), scholarships for undergraduate academic achievement (S1) 85 students) and scholarships for undergraduate organizational achievement (85 students).

    These 4 categories can be attended by new students and ongoing students, with the scholarship program duration for the four categories being 1 year. And after going through the registration process, file selection will be done by the system on 9 to 15 September 2016, followed by selection by universities on 16 September to 4 October 2019 and selection by the Provincial Government from 7 to 18 October 2019, and after the selection process is carried out, scholarship recipients will be announced on October 21, 2019. (Parno)

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