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    HAPs One Alternative Realize Communication Sovereignty


    BANDUNG - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Wiranto said the vast territory of Indonesia posed a challenge for the development of communication infrastructure.

    This was said by the Coordinating Minister in his remarks read by Deputy Coordinator for the Field of Communication and Information of Marsda TNI Rus Nurhadi Sutedjo in the Coordinating and Consultation Forum at the Coordinating Ministry for Politics and Security, themed Super Wahana Dirgantara (HAPs) as a Supporting Technology for Independent Safe Networks (JAM) in Realizing State Information Sovereignty, at the Transit Hotel Coordinating Forum Bandung, Monday (8/26).

    Indonesia is a vast country with a total area of ??two million square meters and a population of over 270 million people. This condition is a challenge to carry out development evenly, including in the field of IT or communication.

    One of the topics discussed in the coordination forum is the plan to utilize national air potential as one of the frequencies that can be utilized to build a communication network.

    "One of them is to develop HAPs, as an alternative in the current digital era," he said

    That way, telecommunications penetration in remote areas to the outer islands or borders will be possible. Currently efforts to reach the communication network continue to be done but with HAPs it will be easier and cheaper. The technology is similar to satellites, but with medium altitude in the airspace.

    "It has been reviewed and will not interfere with flight traffic," he said.

    Representing the Governor of West Java, Head of the Aptics Division of the West Java Communication and Information Agency Purnomo Yustianto said HAPs could be highly considered as an alternative solution to build communication infrastructure in West Java.

    On the other hand, according to him, it needs to be studied further, especially the comparison between the latest technology and financing in the development of technology, especially for application by local governments.

    "West Java is ready to fully support the High Altittude Platform (HAPs)," he explained.

    "Hopefully the current coordination forum can support and provide benefits to realize progress and national sovereignty," he continued. Jo

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