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    Netty: Patronage Residents Need to Develop Potential


    BANDUNG-In commemoration of the 52nd Bhakti Pemasyarakatan day, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Regional Office of West Java, held Art Exhibition of the Prisoners throughout West Java. Handicraft made by the inmates in prisons. The exhibition took place in the area of Car Free Day Jl. Asia Afrika Bandung on Sunday (10/04/16).

    Chairman of the National Crafts Council (Dekranasda), West Java Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan, came to the event using bike, then started these activities with exercise together with Kakanwil Kemenkumham West Java, Officer Regional Office of West Java, the Kalapas of West Java, and  hundreds of community.

    Mingle with the people, Netty urged people not to generalise about prisons slanted news circulated over the years. Prisons become a hotbed circulation of narcotics, conflicts, and so on. She says there are still many prisons functioning as it should that is to target the prisons with citizens as well.

    "This is an activity that deserves our appreciation. Socialisation and educate people about community. If today there is news of prisons slanted, it can not be generalised. Many prisons have integrity, conduct training with the supposed," said Netty.

    These activities is an important moment to prepare residents for re correctional mingle with the people to become citizens completely.

    Besides the skills given to them it becomes important in providing their expertise for creative economy at the time of the creative industries today.

    "Today is special for us, we want to bring the people of West Java developed and prosperous. How inmates could re-assemble and interact with other community. Naturally this means also to improve the reputation of the penitentiary," said Netty.

    “I’m as Chairman of Dekranasda, open to cooperate with prisons in terms of development product. I wish every prisoners have the skills to build his or her self in the community,” she stated.

    The series of other activities in order to socialise these prisoners, such as drawing competition with the theme correctional for primary level students, the Health Guide for the general public, about the Correctional Counselling, such as legal consultation from Regional of Kemenkumham West Java province. Also do not miss the event of unisex Entertainment live music, and door prizes.

    Chairman of TP PKK West Java also urged all sectors of the population to also succeed the implementation of Peparnas XV and PON XIX in 2016 in West Java.

    Netty strengthen community's determination to work together to make West Java as a good host for PON, and able to snatch the general winners.

    "Hopefully today is the momentum to build the 'Bandung Champion', 'Jabar Kahiji', especially in West Java. So we must be determined to make West Java a good host, once won General Champion,” said Netty.

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