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    Five West Java Scholars Will Be Sent to England in November 2019


    BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, said that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) will send five young West Java scholars who graduated from 'English for Ulama' program to the UK in November 2019.

    "In November, we will send five young scholars to Europe to preach. They are the graduates of English for Ulama program," Ridwan Kamil said while attending the Salat Shubuh Berjamaah Keliling (Subling) at Muhammad Alwi Mosque, Bandung Regency, on Sunday (8/25/19) .

    Previously, there were 30 scholars from various regions in West Java who had been given English language training during the first phase of English for Ulama program.

    As a result, there were five chosen scholars representing West Java who will travel around the State of Queen Elizabeth to preach in various communities or institutions in order to convey a peaceful Islam.

    English for Ulama program is established because Indonesian scholars need to be involved in peaceful Islamic campaigns to various parts of the world. According to Emil, Indonesian scholars rarely become speakers at International forums.

    "When I became the mayor of Bandung, I was always asked that I came from a country with the largest Muslim population. Unfortunately, if there was a seminar or a conference, there were no preachers from Indonesia. So, those who represent Islam were always from the Middle East, "Emil said.

    Through English for Ulama program, Emil hoped that the language skills of the scholars especially those from West Java will improve; thus, there will be no cases of misunderstanding or miscommunication.

    "So, please learn at least four languages; Indonesian as a language of unity, Sundanese as a language of culture, Arabic to understand the Quran and Hadith, and English as the language of international relations," Emil said.

    Present at the Muhammad Alwi Mosque, Emil also hoped that there will be scholars from Bandung Regency who will take part in the second phase of English for Ulama. The hope is that one day, Pasundan people will be the bearers of world peace.

    "Later, there will be stage two for English for Ulama. Hopefully, young scholars of Bandung Regency will be proactive to participate in this stage. Until one day, those who bring peace in this world are scholars from West Java, "said Emil ended.


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