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    BJB is Ready to Take Opportunity Amid The Incessant of IT Change


    DENPASAR -- Along with the life shift towards digital, the banking industry is also required to keep innovating in order to respond to consumer needs. For those who are slow to adapt to change, they will be crushed over time. But it will not happen for those who are adaptive. Change, will be seen as a space which provides some opportunities and faced with passion. 

    The spirit to continue changing for the better way has always been the main focus of the BJB bank to keep going. Technology adaptation becomes a necessary requirement, so the bank can continue to survive and be efficient. 

    Improvement steps need to be continued so the bank can maintain and develop their businesses with a quality and sustainable growth vision in the midst of the fintech existence which now appears obviously in our life. 

    The selection of new management in the bank bjb is expected to encourage progress in the midst of increasingly tight competition with the demands of digital development. At present, the composition of the director board is led by Yuddy Renaldi as Managing Director of bjb bank, Agus Mulyana as Compliance Director, Nia Kania as Finance and Risk Management Director, Rio Lanasier as Director of IT, Treasury and International Banking, Suartini as Director of Consumer and Retail, Tedi Setiawan as Director of Operations. 

    While the commissioners board is filled by Farid Rahman as Independent President Commissioner, Eddy Iskandar Muda Nasution and Muhadi as Commissioners, and Fahlino F. Sjuib and Yayat Sutaryat as Independent Commissioners of the bank bjb. 
    On the Media Gathering event which held in Bali on August 22-25, 2019, Yuddy Renaldi, as the President Director of the bjb bank, said that bjb bank will implement three main focuses as strategic. 

    "The three focuses are, first, Business Reposition, where the bjb bank will develop business in the productive sector that drives the economy in each region, especially in West Java and Banten while maintaining market share from the captive market," he said.

    The second focus is Reorganization, which is reflected in the adaptation of organizational structure to support the implementation of the strategy set by the company. While the third or final focus is Information Technology Re-Engineering where the bjb bank will continue to strengthen the infrastructure, use and development of technology that is appropriate in time and quality by paying attention to aspects of user experience and customer behavior. 

    The Company is currently focusing on developing and strengthening digital banking services to accelerate business and improve services to customers. Through a short-term development plan, the bjb bank will accelerate electronic and digital banking products and services including the development of e-money based server for transactions using QR Code, the features expansion of the bjb bank mobile banking including bjb Digi which is more user friendly, business integration digitally with Fintech companies including e-commerce and self-service banking machines or e-kiosk and information through chat bots. 

    Whereas for long-term development, the bjb bank will optimize collaboration with local governments in the form of electronification of regional financial management services, including digitizing public and government services and supporting the Smart City Program.

    "We believe that in every change, there will always be opportunity and challenge to be faced. The bjb bank always faces these new challenges with an optimistic view and considers it as a means of proving that the bjb bank is indeed an adaptive and dynamic bank in responding to the community needs," Yuddy concluded. Jo

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