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    Ridwan Kamil Received Award for Innovative Regional Head 2019 Because of the JQR Program


    PADANG -- West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil received award for 'Innovative Regional Head 2019' in the community service category through the West Java Quick Response (JQR) program.

    The award was given by Koran Sindo to 27 innovative regional heads this year through the event titled Innovative Regional Head Award Night (KDI) 2019 which was held at the West Sumatra Governor's Office, Thursday (22/8/19).

    Also, Emil - as Ridwan Kamil is called - was represented by the Assistant Secretary of Administration for the West Java Regional Secretariat, Dudi Sudrajat Abdurachim to receive the trophy.

    Dudi said, the JQR program released by West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil on September 18, 2018, it has become a forum for more than ten thousands community's ccomplaints which enter through the hotline and WhatsApp, as well as social media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    "We (West Java) have innovations (categories) of community service. Everyday (residents) deliver complaints, one of them through information technology media," said Dudi at the West Sumatra Governor's Office, Jend. Sudirman Street No.51, Padang.

    "This (JQR) is an inspiration for regional head in Indonesia because it has only been done, where the governor can respond to the things community needs to the final things," he added.

    Until July 31, 2019 or in other words is 312 working days, JQR itself had received 57,184 complaints, responded to 34,364 complaints, and successfully took 404 complaints.

    Of course, not all complaints can be dealt with. The seven scope of JQR services are related to sickness and health emergencies, loss of access to education, hunger and malnutrition, life-threatening uninhabitable homes, emergency electricity isolation villages, disasters, and emergency bridges.

    In KDI 2019 itself, besides innovation in the community service category there are five other categories, those are economy and investment, social culture, infrastructure and development, governance, and the environment. 

    From 27 regional heads, only four governors received the KDI award 2019, including Ridwan Kamil. Meanwhile, according to the Chief Editor of Sindo Newspaper, Djaka Susila, KDI 2019 becomes Sindo's commitment to adjoin with regional head for an advanced Indonesia.

     "I am sure that the regional head here (KDI 2019) is extraordinary because of his innovation. Indonesia will go forward if all lines move, from Sabang to Merauke. And the Sindo newspaper with the commitment from the regions for Indonesia, together with regional heads will continue to advance Indonesia," said Djaka.

    Here are the recipients of the award at the Innovative Regional Head Award Night 2019 at Sindo Newspaper: 

    1. Governor of West Java (Community Service) 
    2. Governor of West Sumatra (Infrastructure and Development) 
    3. Governor of Banten (Infrastructure and Development) 
    4. Governor of Central Kalimantan (Community Service) 

    1. Mayor of Bandung (Social Culture) 
    2. Mayor of Gorontalo (Economy and Investment) 
    3. Mayor of Malang (Economy and Investment) 
    4. Mayor of Solok (Social Culture) 
    5. Mayor of Medan (Social Culture)
     6. Mayor of Cimahi (Community Service) 

    1. Regent of Lebak (Economy and Investment) 
    2. Regent of Agam (Infrastructure and Development) 
    3. Regent of Tabalong (Community Service) 
    4. Regent of Gorontalo (Economy and Investment) 
    5. Regent of Banyuasin (Infrastructure and Development) 
    6. Regent of Morowali (Economy and Investment) 
    7. Regent of Sula Island (Social Culture) 
    8. Regent of Boalemo (Environment) 
    9. Regent of South Bolaang Mongondow (Economy and Investment) 
    10. Regent of North Lombok (Community Service) 
    11. Regent of Serang (Social Culture) 
    12. Regent of Pasuruan (Community Service) 
    13. Regent of Batubara (Community Service) 
    14. Regent of Pasangkayu (Governance) 
    15. Regent of Karangasem (Social Culture) 
    16. Regent of Puncak (Economy and Investment)
     17. Regent of Simalungun (Community Service).

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