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    The Deputy Governor of West Java Asks Cooperatives and Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (UMKM) Cooperate Young Generation in 4.0 Industry


    BANDUNG CITY - The Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum encourage cooperatives and Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (UMKM) to be able to compete in industrial revolution era 4.0. One of which is that making the best use of digital space or e-commerce. 

    "Both sellers and buyers alike need it. Because e-commerce not only offers convenience but also time, energy, and cost efficiency," said Uu when opening Cooperative Fair 2019 event with the theme 'Generasi Milenial Jabar Juara' at Plaza Metro Indah Mall, Bandung City, Friday (23/8/19). 

    According to Uu, the challenges of cooperatives and MSMEs today are not only a matter of how to utilize information technology that continues to evolve, but also change the mindset and systems of business governance. Therefore, the capability of Human Resources must be improved.

    Besides, Uu requested that the management of cooperatives and Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (UMKM) cooperate with young generation in running their business. It is needed so that cooperatives and Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises can integrate their business with the development of a dynamic era. 

    "The reform basically encourages Cooperatives and MSMEs to adapt and transform in facing the environment that is always running dynamically," he said.

    In order to answer the challenges of the times and compete with other economic actors, said Uu, cooperatives and MSMEs must be creative and innovative in running their businesses. One of them is by organizing the organization and designing effective and efficient business strategies.

    "Let's ignite the spirit by making cooperatives a joint force to advance the welfare of Indonesia," he said.

    "Hopefully the Cooperative and MSMEs will continue to grow so that they can make a more significant contribution to quality economic growth, open up employment opportunities, and bring about equal distribution of people's welfare," he added.

    Meanwhile, the Head of the Office of Cooperatives and West Java Small Business Kusmana Hartadji said the 2019 Cooperative Fair is an exhibition of cooperative products and MSMEs from 27 districts/cities in West Java and business operators from other provinces.

    "Cooperative Fair" is an exhibition, promotion and marketing event for Indonesia's leading creative products while creating the broadest marketing network. "This activity is a series of activities in commemoration of the 72nd Cooperative Day as well as the 74th anniversary of West Java Province on August 19," he said.

    Besides, Kusmana asked cooperatives and MSMEs throughout West Java to take advantage of technological developments while at the same time inviting young people to get involved in running their businesses.

    "We encourage it through the Cooperative Digitalization program. "In 2019, as many as 200 cooperatives in West Java can conduct online financial reports and marketing using a digital platform," he said.

    "We also encourage cooperatives to be able to compete with e-commerce training for cooperatives in encouraging cooperatives to be ready and utilizing information technology to support businesses," he concluded.

    At the peak of the 72nd National Cooperative Day Commemoration in Purwokerto, four West Java figures were awarded by the central government. The Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya Sugiarto won the Satyalancana Development. Then, the Chairman of PB Paguyuban Pasundan Didi Turmudzi, the Chairman of the KSP Sejahtera Bersama Bogor City Iwan Setiawan, and the Head of Dekopinda Sukabumi City Andri Setiawan Hamami, won Satyalancana Wira Karya.

    Then, 12 West Java cooperative figures won the Bakti Koperasi and MSMEs 2019 awards. In addition, eight West Java cooperatives made achievements, the Koperasi Nurul Iman Sukabumi Regency, KSP Padamukti Garut Regency, Sangkan Hurip Sauyunan Village Residents Cooperative, Bandung Regency, Primary Garut Resort Police Cooperative, Kopwan Sejahtera Bekasi City, Kopma Bumi Siliwangi Upi Bandung City, KPRI Pemda Bekasi City, Primkoppolresta Bogor.

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