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    312 Days Working, West Java Quick Response Successfully Handled 404 Complaints and Received Awards


    BANDUNG CITY - Need emergency help? Jabar Quick Response or JQR is the answer. Yes, JQR is here to answer the urgency of West Java people who need quick handling from the government in an emergency.

    JQR has a great goal as a Civil Society Movement and innovation for the seriousness of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) to make decisions or first aid solutions for residents.

    This humanitarian program was launched by West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, on September 18, 2018. Under his leadership, Emil tried to bring a government that is responsive to the outporing of people's heart.

    "As in our vision and mission, we want the country to be closer to people," Emil said.

    As of July 31, 2019 of 312 days after JQR was launched, the program had received 57,187 complaints, responded to 34,364 complaints, and successfully handled 404 complaints.

    One of them was JQR helped Bani. Bani was a grandfather from Mandalasari Village in Garut Regency who underwent treatment at Slamet Hospital through a report stating that Bani was alone and had a stroke.

    Do you still remember Nabila 'Sepatu'? Yes, JQR also helped this little girl from Cibodas Village, West Bandung Regency. Nabila received public attention after a video of her shoes that were trampled by her friends was viral on social media.

    In fact, Nabila bought the shoes by using her own money. The little girl who was still in elementary school did not live with her parents; she had been the backbone of her grandparents for a long time.

    Funding for Nabila which was raised through a cooperation with a private sector, 40% of it was intended for education untill college in the form of deposits.

    Besides Grandfather Bani from Garut Regency and Nabila from West Bandung Regency, there is also Anis Suhanah; a breast cancer sufferer from Pangandaran Regency as the longest complaint handled by JQR for four months of assistance.

    The latest complaint that was handled until July 31 was Rosita case; a young mother from Cibereum Sub-District, Cimahi, who had been suffering from anemia and lupus symptoms since October 2018 with three children in malnutrition.

    Health problems become the most complaints handled by JQR until July 31, 2019. From 404 complaints taken, 281 were health problems, education (78 actions), Collapsed Emergency House (16), bridges (8), malnutrition (10), electricity (1), and disaster (10).

    Even so, at the beginning of the JQR launch, many people did not yet know what kind of complaints that JQR could take. According to Hermansyah, Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of the West Java Provincial Secretariat which serves as the JQR Person in Charge, there are seven scopes of JQR services.

    First is illness and health emergencies; Second, school dropout; Third, hunger and malnutrition; Fourth, uninhabitable houses; Fifth, isolation village emergency electricity; Sixth, disaster.

    "And the last (seventh) is emergency bridges. When it was first launched (on September 18), there were 3,000 complaints came in. The community wants to prove that we exist," Hermansyah said.

    "Now, it has been filtered because the community begins to understand that JQR handles seven complaint categories. After that, we will start the second step which is talking about emergency or priority levels. It can be seen from the location of the region or economy," he added.

    At this moment, JQR has almost 300 volunteers spread across all districts/cities in West Java. Hermansyah hoped that from 27 districts/cities, at least 13 of them have quick reaction units in order to synergize with the tasks and functions of JQR.

    The assistance provided to the community is a collaboration and commitment of JQR from West Java National Amil Zakat Board to Eiger company and crowdfunding community (wecare.id).

    "From the trip for almost a year, next we want city/regency to have the same unit. So far, there have been many (complaints) from Sukabumi, Pangandaran, to Garut. There are a few complaints from Pantura area," Hermansyah said.

    After accepting complaints, JQR works by organizing area categories and priority scale. Next, JQR validates the complaint, then conducts a survey and organizes executions with relevant parties.

    Jabar residents can write complaints through the website https://jabarqr.id, hotline and WhatsApp on 08111357777, or social media @QrJabar (Twitter), @jabarquickresponse (Instagram), and Facebook West Java Quick Response.

    Recently, West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, received an award as the 2019 Innovative Regional Head from Koran Sindo for his innovation in service to the community through JQR program initiated by Emil.

    The award was received by the Assistant for Administrative Affairs of West Java Province Regional Secretariat, Dudi Sudradjat Abdurachim, in the awarding ceremony of the 2019 Innovative Regional Head Award at the West Sumatra Governor's Office, Padang City, on Thursday (22/8/19).

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