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    The Governor of West Java Wants Cisarua Market to be Community's favorite


    BOGOR REGENCY - The Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil said, activity in traditional markets is not only a matter of buying and selling, but also there is social interaction between traders and buyers. Therefore, he said, the West Java Provincial Government will revitalize seven traditional markets spread across six regencies/cities this year.

    "There is communication between traders and buyers. In the end, there is a price negotiation. It means, there is a human side that cannot be beaten by other shopping places," he said after laying the first stone to revitalize the Cisarua Market, Bogor Regency, Thursday (22/8/19).

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname -, traditional market revitalization is not only focused on infrastructure development but also designing events that can attract the community. One of them is by holding people's market festival.

    If traditional markets succeed in becoming the favorite of middle and upper-class community, continued Emil, then the revitalization which is carried out by West Java Provincial Government is successful.

    "Until the market attracted everyone because of the many positive and interesting things. So with the presence of 'Pasar Rakyat Juara', Insyaallah, the traders will prosper," he said. 

    Emil said the Cisarua Market would be improved to become an attractive place for taking photos by making artistic ornaments and places to eat. "The point is that if you go to Cisarua Market and there are many people who take photos, it indicates that Pasar Cisarua is already successful," he said.

    Meanwhile, the West Java Province Head of the Industry and Trade Office, Arifin Soedjayana said that the 'Pasar Juara' program was an embodiment of the vision of the 'Jabar Juara Lahir Batin'.

    According to Arifin, the program aims to improve the competitiveness of the people's market while supporting the distribution of logistics to the community. He added, there were two 'Pasar Juara' activities, that are improving infrastructure and making events.

    "We expect the competitiveness of traditional markets to increase," Arifin said.

    On the same occasion, Arifin said, the revitalization of the Cisarua Market is targeted to be completed in December 2019. After completion, the Cisarua Market would be managed by PD Pasar Tohaga.

    Meanwhile, The Regent of Bogor Ade Yasin stated, revitalization of the Cisarua Market will make trading activities increase. Moreover, he said, the determination of Atalia Praratya Kamil as People Market Ambassador could make the Cisarua Market and traditional markets more attractive.

    "Thank you Mr. Governor, Me and the community appreciate what you give. Also Mrs. Atalia as the People Market Ambassador, hopefully, it brings the spirit of mothers to return to the market," he said.

    Besides, Ade welcomed the idea of the West Java Provincial Government that will conjure up the Cisarua Market with artistic ornaments. That way, he said, Cisarua Market will encourage the advancement of the tourism sector in Bogor Regency, especially the Cisarua area.

    One of the traders in the Cisarua Market, Mohamad Toha, welcomed the revitalization with high enthusiasm. According to him, at this time, the condition of the Cisarua Market is arguably chaotic. Therefore, he said, many traders were waiting for revitalization to be carried out soon.

    "Yes, I am pleased with this revitalization. I support, finally the Cisarua Market is considered by the Government, especially the Governor. Hopefully, the process will be smooth," he said.

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