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    The Governor of West Java Signs KUA-PPAS Amendment to the 2019 APBD and KUA-PPAS APBD 2020


    BANDUNG CITY - The Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil and the West Java Assembly at Regional (DPRD) signed KUA-PPAS Changes of the West Java Regional Budget for the 2019 and KUA-PPAS West Java Regional Budget for the 2020 in a Plenary Meeting at the West Java DPRD office, Thursday (8/22/8) 19).

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname -, the two budget policies became a reference in pursuing development targets in order to realize the 'Jabar Juara Lahir Batin'.

    "With the signing of (the two budget policies) we now have a reference to pursue more optimal targets in realizing 'Jabar Juara Lahir Batin' with innovation and collaboration," Emil said when delivering his introduction.

    Emil explained, the 2019 budget change was due to a change in the regional economic framework, that is the adjustment of the economic target that was originally projected between 5.4 percent - 5.8 percent to 5.4 percent - 5.9 percent. This is based on the achievement of economic growth in West Java in 2018 by 5.64% and the realization of the second quarter of 2019 by 5.68%.

    "There is a total of Unspent funds of fiscal year (SILPA) 2018 around Rp3.06 trillion budget which must be allocated in 2019," he said.

    Then, regional income in the 2019 budget change from Rp 34.88 trillion rose to Rp 36.03 trillion or an increase of 3.31 percent. Then, regional spending increased from Rp 37.05 trillion to Rp 39.02 trillion, or an increase of 5.53 percent.

    That way, the volume of changes in the 2019 budget, which was originally Rp 37.13 trillion, increased to Rp 39.09 trillion or an increase of 5.29 percent.

    Meanwhile, the West Java Provincial Government has set 9 development priorities for the 2020 budget year: Increased access to education, decentralized health services, innovation-based economic growth for people, development of tourism destinations and infrastructure. Then, religious education and prayer places, regional connectivity infrastructure, rural development movement, free subsidies for a weak economy and public service innovation and regional restructuring.

    Emil said there were several important activities that became attention in 2020, such as the implementation of 2020 PON XX and Peparnas XVI in Papua, and preparation for the simultaneous elections in eight districts/cities.

    "Next year, there will be a fee for the Head of Regional Election (Pilkada) and National Sports Week (PON) that will emerge and the completion of the mosque will also increase the amount of assistance to the regions," he said.

    The Deputy chairman of West Java DPRD Irfan Suryanegara said the signing of the two KUA-PPAS is part of the budget policy document that must be discussed in accordance with statutory provisions.

    "We, together with the Daily Task of Regional Secretary of West Java have submitted the KUA-PPAS plan for the amendment of the West Java Province of 2019 on July 22, 2019 and the KUA-PPAS APBD of 2020 on August 6, 2019," he said.

    Based on that, his party has passed the discussion of documents in the DPRD commissions and the Budget Board. "We have also asked for his views from the fractions," said Irfan.

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