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    Message from the West Java Governor: Conventional Media Must Have Strategy to Stay on Digital era


    BANDUNG -- West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil said, digitalization media can erode the existence of conventional media. That was delivered when opening the XVI Regional Conference on National Private Broadcast Radio Association Indonesia (PRSSNI) West Java in Harris Hotel, Bandung, Wednesday (21/8/19).

    "In this disruptive era, for those who are not strategic will be a threat, but for those who are strategic, this becomes an opportunity, "Emil said - as Ridwan Kamil was called -.

    According to Emil, nowadays, the media has a big role in preventing hoax. The media, he said, must be able to confirm the news which is consumed by community is a fact. So, the existence of media in the community becomes crucial.

    On the same occasion, Emil told that fake news or information became the causes of the second world war. "Spread the facts, fight hoax, our problem right now is an information war. As a media instrument, radio must be a hero to community, "Emil said.

    Emil also asked members of West Java PRSSNI  to educate the community in order to sort and choose good information. Especially theWest Java community likes to consume information in the sound form.

    "We are information creatures, but we are lazy to write, lazy to read, the hobby is chatting. That is what makes why radio fits into West Java as its habitat, "Emil said.

    "I used to broadcast on Ardan Radio and once on PRFM,  in the past, deliver something actively according to the segment, "he added.

    In addition, Emil suggested that radio manager be active on social media. According to him, with the application of a multi-platform system, radio can meet the needs and people's desire.

    Head of PRSSNI Center, Erick Thohir stated, radio is still one media that are often accessed by the public. "Radio is still a good medium. It is sure that this is how as our industry improves content, or broadcast content, " he said.

    Meanwhile, Editor in Chief of Broadcast Broadcasting Institution (LPS), Wan Abbas stated, West Java PRSSNI XVI Musda raised the theme 'Optimization the Role of  Private Broadcast Radio in West Java Development '.

    "Musda is joined by 100 West Java PRSSNI members, out of 111 members, that is about 98 percent of members attend and this is a very forum, "he said.

    Abbas added, PRSSNI has become a collaboration with the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) to socialize programs and development progress.

    Abbas further stated that PRSSNI had collaborated with the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov), in terms of reporting West Java development. He also hopes that the cooperation will continuein harmony.

    Meanwhile, West Java PRSSNI Chairman Joesoef Siregar said the radio is wrong one reliable source of information. "If the governor is ready with "Jabar ngabret," 
    Jabar PRSSNI radio is in the front row, "he said.

    Then, the Chairperson of the West Java KPID Dede Fardiah said that the radio is on under the auspices of PRSSNI contributed significantly to a number of important agendas at Indonesia, such as the Election, West Java PIX XIX, and the Asian Games. He hopes PRSSNI can continue to coordinate with KPID and West Java Provincial Government.

    "In the digital area, radio is faced with opportunities as well as challenges, then PRSSNI must be innovative creative, "he said.

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