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    West Java BPS is Ready to Successing the 2020 Population Census


    BANDUNG - West Java is a province with the largest population in Indonesia, where around 18% of Indonesia's population is in West Java. This condition is certainly a great potential and is well managed, so accurate population data is needed.

    "With a total millennial generation in 2019 of 32.86% of the total population, West Java has great potential," said Head of West Java BPS Dody Herlando in the JAPRI event at Gedung Sate, Bandung.

    According to him, the success and failure of the Population census in 2020 will depend on the level of participation of all components of society in West Java.

    "Towards the era of new population data, let us jointly participate in the success of the 2020 Population Census, through the Online Population Census in February-March 2020," he explained.

    In 2020 Indonesia will carry out a Population Census. Based on the mandate of Law 16/1997 on Statistics, UN recommendations and towards an Indonesian population data, BPS will conduct POPULAR CENSUS (SP2020).

    The purpose of the Population Census is to obtain information on the number, composition, distribution and characteristics of the population. The benefits that can be obtained from SP2020 are knowing the number of residents by region to the smallest environmental area (RT); basic data obtained that can be used for development policy making such as the provision of health facilities, education, housing, and so forth; and orderly benefits of population administration.

    The census is the great work of the entire Indonesian nation. If in 2010 the population of West Java reached 43.05 million people, with various demographic assumptions projected in 2020 the population of West Java would be around 49.94 million. The estimate will be confirmed by the actual census count results in 2020.

    SP2020 is the 7th census conducted by Indonesia since independence. Towards the era of new population data and in accordance with one of the UN recommendations, in 2020 the Population Census will be carried out using the Combination Method. The combination method is used as an effort to transition from a census with traditional methods to a census with a registration-based method (UNECE 2018 - Guidelines on the use of registers and administrative data for population and housing censuses).

    The combination method will answer the polemic of the different population numbers of the BPS and Adminduk versions that have been happening all this time, because the concepts of definition, methodology and time of recording are different.

    An innovation made in SP2020 is the use of population administration data from the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registry as a basic data framework. Population registration data owned by the Ministry of Home Affairs will be used as a reference for officers in conducting data collection.

    SP2020 also utilizes Computer Aided Web Interviewing (CAWI). Through the CAWI method, everyone can update the data on the web that has been provided independently. CAWI will be conducted in February - March 2020. Furthermore, in July 2020 data will be collected by officers for residents who are not yet registered in the population register. Jo

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