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    The Important Role of West Java Community and Informatics Department in 2020 Population Census


    BANDUNG - In order to succeed 2020 population census, West Java Community and Informatics Department plays a role in informing the activity through various communication channels both print and electronic media (websites, social media to Videotron).

    In carrying out its role, West Java Community and Informatics Department also involved the Communication and Information Department of Regency and City throughout West Java. In addition, according to the Head of West Java Communication and Information Department, Setiaji, ST, M.Sc, his party will also be assisted by other communities.

    "In addition, we are also assisted by a lot by volunteers in ICT, KIM and the use of Apps Sapa Warga," said Setiaji in West Java Has Information (Japri) event at Gedung Sate, on Thursday (8/22/2019).

    According to Setiaji, another role of Diskominfo is to socialize the 2020 population census plan to the community with various types of media. Moreover, the census will use a new method namely digital media.

    "Digital literacy of West Java residents is recognized to be not so high; thus, it needs to be socialized to the community. So, it can minimize the possibility of data input errors" he said.

    In 2020 population census, two methods are planned; those are conventional method, and the method of registering family data online by themselves. 


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