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    Focus on Culture Development, Gedung Sate Will Become a Historical and Cultural Tourism Location


    BANDUNG -- For Bandung residents and West Java in general, Gedung Sate is one of the icons of pride. Therefore, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil launched the building in the center of 'Kota Kembang' becomes a tourist destination.

    This was state by Emil -- familiar greeting of Ridwan Kamil -- when attending the painting exhibition and awarding of Anugerah Barli 2019 at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (19/8/19).

    "This exhibition (Anugerah Barli) is part of the Gedung Sate master plan which will be used as a historical and cultural destination," Emil said.

    According to Emil, the Barli painting exhibition is a proof of Gedung Sate as a cultural tourism destination. Later, the walls of Gedung Sate will be filled with paintings showing the history of the founding of Gedung Sate, also art and cultural treasures from 27 regencies/cities in 'Tanah Pasundan'.

    "Today, we have an exhibition from students and the Barli Art Museum network. There are 150 paintings, they are good paintings. It indicates the high culture and expression of art in West Java, "Emil said.

    "Gedung Sate has two large rooms, there are a western gallery and an eastern gallery. Occasionally (exhibitions may be held), not only government administration event, but also can be locations for art, visual art and other events, "he added.

    Emil said that culture would be one of thedevelopment focuses in West Java. The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is also central and will build cultural centers in every district/city in West Java.

    "We have determined in five years that all cities/regencies must have a cultural center," Emil stressed.

    "So, we will prioritize the culture, because this life is not only about economic matter. It is also important that we reflect our relationship with our others, to God, through the response of art, specifically fine arts, "he said.

    Anugerah Barli itself is an exhibition with artists from West Java and participants of drawing competitions. The exhibition will be held from August 19-28, 2019 in the East Hall of Gedung Sate. In total, there are 91 painters with 150 paintings on display.

    Head of the Balri Arts Center, Nakis Barli said, the Barli Award is a rare event for the Barli Arts Center. Nakis said that the painting exhibition which is held also a representation of life that Barli have in his lifetime until his death.

    "This event is a rare event for us, when the Barli Award was held  on the same time with the Anniversary of West Java Province and is still a series of the Republic of Indonesia Independence Day which both turned 74," said Nakis who is the wife of a painter (Almarhum) Barli Sasmitawinata.

    Here are the recipients of Anugerah Barli 2019 for the General Category:
    1. John Mamesah, the greatest painting collector;
    2. Solihin Gautama Purwanegara, West Java Governor 1970-1975 who is the initiator of the funeral Alm. Barli at Taman Makan Pahlawan, Cikutra, Bandung;
    3. Buna Wijaya, the next generation and observer of the Barli Arts Center;
    4. Tanaka Hardhy, one of Viatikara's Founding Council;
    5. Fatimah Avalpo Suprayogi, a traveling preacher which is started from Mount Galunggung to the United States;
    6. Sabana Prawirawidjaja, observer of Barli Arts Center activities;
    7. Heni Smith, outstanding woman, environmentalist and Barli Art Center observer;
    8. Ryan Brasali, Managing Director of Kota Baru Parahyangan (location of Barli Art Center);
    9. Pikiran Rakyat, the media for publication of Balai Seni Barli;
    10. Chusin Setiadikara, Barli outstanding student who has held exhibition abroad; and
    11. Anna Anggraeni, first broadcaster of TVRI West Java.

    Recipients of Anugerah Barli 2019 for the Special Category (Three Best Drawing Competitions from 150 paintings on display):
    1. Tetep Yadi Hermawan (Cianjur Regency);
    2. Cucu Hadith (Tasikmalaya Regency); and
    3. Rizki Lutfi Wiguna (Garut Regency).

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