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    Sukabumi Outer Ring Flyover Construction Can Improve the Community's Economy


    SUKABUMI CITY - The Provincial Government of West Java continues to accelerate construction and development of transportation infrastructure; thus, inter-regional connectivity can be better, investment climate will remain conducive, and the community's welfare will improve.

    As stated by the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, in the Groundbreaking Flyover of Sukabumi City Segment 3 at Sukabumi Outer Ring, Sukabumi City, on Wednesday (8/21/19).

    "The growth of economy will grow with the existence of inter-regional transportation infrastructure connections," Emil said.

    Emil hoped that the construction of Sukabumi South Ring flyover that will connect Baros street with Sukaraja street could be completed with its plan which is 160 working days or will be completed in 2020. Because, the flyover that costs Rp33 billion is needed to ease mobility access and reduce congestion in the arteries of Sukabumi City.

    "Hopefully, the construction will run well and finish quickly because it passes a railroad track. I entrust the contractors to start the activities carefully and quickly according to the schedule. After that, we will continue the construction of segment 4," he said.

    The length of Sukabumi Circle Line itself is approximately 19 kilometers. Meanwhile, the construction of flyover on that road is divided into 4 segments; Segment 1 connects Cibolang-Pelabuhan with a length of approximately 6.9 kilometers. Then, segment 2 connects the Pelabuhan-Baros with a length of 2.2 kilometers. Both segments have been realized.

    Then, segment 3 which will be built connects Baros-Sukaraja with a length of approximately 4.4 kilometers. After that, construction continues to segment 4 which will connect Sukaraja-RM Nikmat with a 5.5 kilometer length.

    "I appreciate all of those who have supported this activity. Because of your supports, the construction of previous segments can be completed well, and now we step into the construction of South Ring Circle Sukabumi Segment 3 flyover," Emil said.

    Meanwhile, the Head of West Java Province's Office of Highways and Spatial Planning (BMPR), A. Koswara, said that the flyover construction was part of Sukabumi's South Ring development.

    Koswara also hoped that the Sukabumi Circle Line could resolve the congestion that was indeed a problem in Sukabumi City while encouraging the development and progress of Sukabumi City.

    "We express our gratitude to all parties involved and committed to carry out the construction of Sukabumi Ring Road. Hopefully, all activities in 2019 will run well, and continue to the next segment, to completion," he said.

    Sukabumi Mayor, Achmad Fahmi, said that Sukabumi Outer Ring Flyover construction could make the flow of traffic more organized. Large vehicles would pass flyover. So, they would not hamper the speed of other vehicles on arterial roads.

    "Of course, we hope that transportation flow throughout Sukabumi can be more organized. Thus, large vehicles can pass the bridge that has been made by the West Java Provincial Government (flyover). Then, the structuring of traffic flow in Sukabumi will get better, "he said.

    A similar statement was expressed by one of the residents who lived around the flyover, Muludin. According to him, with the flyover, congestion which was a crucial problem could be resolved. Thus, people's economic activities would not be hampered.

    "I hope it can run well, successfully, without any problems. Maybe, there is a hope of driving smoothly, well without traffic jam, and being able to do more activities, "he said.


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