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    Welcoming British Prime Minister's Advisor at Gedung Sate, Ridwan Kamil Explained West Java's Investment Potential


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, received a visit from the British Prime Minister (PM) Special Advisor of ASEAN and Indonesia trade sector, Richard Graham, at Gedung Sate, Bandung, on Tuesday (8/20/2019).

    At the meeting, Ridwan Kamil gave opportunities for cooperation in various sectors with the United Kingdom including investment. According to Emil, West Java will have a Special Economic Zone (KEK) that is developed in ??Cirebon, Majalengka (West Java Kertajati International Airport), and Subang (Patimban Port) area.

    Emil said that the Segitiga Rebana was designed to be the most developed and futuristic region for West Java; thus, various industries especially labor-intensive would be located there.

    "We are open for investment as much as possible. We have Segitiga Rebana, the future of West Java will be located there," Emil said.

    Segitiga Rebana is predicted to provide 4-5 million jobs. Besides Kertajati West Java International Airport (BIJB) and Patimban Port, Rebana area connectivity will also be supported by passenger railways, freight trains, and Cisumdawu (Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan) toll road.

    Besides an invitation to invest, Emil also explained the 'keumatan' program which has an opportunity to collaborate with the British Government that is English for Ulama. With international language capital, he hoped our country's scholars can preach moderate Islam to the world.

    "This mission (English for Ulama) is very important. We are committed to help increasing the capacity of all Ulama's friends to represent West Java to speak in the international community especially about Islam that is peaceful, wasatiyyah, and moderate," Emil said.

    Meanwhile, in the environmental sector, Emil said that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) focused on handling plastic waste and cooperating with the British plastic waste processing company, Plastic Energy Limited.

    The cooperation to convert plastic waste into diesel fuel will be implemented in six cities in West Java; those are Bandung, Bogor, Bekasi, Depok, Cirebon and Tasikmalaya.

    "This shows that West Java in the eyes of the world will be seen as a province that gives birth to mutual benefits for the environment. This is sustainable development or sustainable development, "said Emil.

    According to Richard Graham, the British Government is currently building bilateral relations in the economic sector with Indonesia, especially West Java. This visit also discussed business opportunities to social, environmental, cultural and political issues.

    "We are building good relations between Britain and Indonesia especially with West Java," Graham said.


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