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    Through Sekoper Cinta Program, Atalia Hopes West Java's Women to be Independent


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - The Chairperson of West Java PKK Movers Team who is also the Chairperson of Penyelenggara Sekolah Perempuan Capai Impian dan Cita-Cita (Sekoper Cinta), Atalia Praratya Kamil, said that Sekoper Cinta existed to be a forum for women to exchange knowledge and experience in improving quality of life.

    "Today, in Galanggang Village, there are 100 women who get Sekoper Cinta module. Hopefully, it can make women in Galanggang region become independent," said Atalia while conducting Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) of Sekoper Cinta in the Galanggang Village, West Bandung Regency, on Tuesday (8/20/19).

    According to Atalia, education and empowerment for women are needed to realize equality of roles, access, participation, control, and benefits between women and men in all fields. He also appreciated the cooperation and enthusiasm between the facilitator and participants of Sekoper Cinta.

    "Alhamdulillah, I got extraordinary feedback. From the results that we observed, the facilitators were able to deliver the material very well. Response from the participants was also fantastic," he said.

    With Sekoper Cinta, the Provincial Government of West Java wants women to be the subject of development at village level. Therefore, Sekoper Cinta module prepared by the Organizing Team contains material related to women, and ways to deal with problems that are commonly exist in household life and themselves.

    "The material is very complete. Starting from how women should know their potential in order to know the nature of women, untill reproductive health, family security, and family crisis. It includes the ways to cope with accidents in the household, and so on," Atalia said.

    The same thing was also said by Deputy Regent of West Bandung Regency, Hengky Kurniawan. According to him, Sekoper Cinta program can be the solution in minimizing social problems faced by women

    "By participating in the Sekoper Cinta program, it is hoped that the women of West Bandung Regency will improve their knowledge and abilities in various things related to women's empowerment in both social and economic fields," he concluded.


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